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Dion Agius

Byron Bay, New South Whales, Australia
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Dion Agius is a creative goofy-footer from Byron Bay, Australia. After a successful pro junior career, Agius left the competitive scene to master the art of freesurfing’s ‘postmodern slacker’ lifestyle. Well documented in global adventures and mischief, he has become one of the most popular figures in the freesurfing movement.

SPONSORS: Globe footwear, Neff, Super Brand surfboards

21 February, 2015 - INTERVIEW: Dion Agius. He’s a jet-set, stylish man who makes his living off internet clips and hard-to-pronounce clothing brands. He’s a DJ...
24 February, 2014 - INDUSTRY: San Diego-based SUPERbrand Surfboards & Apparel announces a Brazilian manufacturing and distribution agreement with Wetworks...
24 January, 2014 - CONTESTS: Former ASP World Champion Joel Parkinson says this weekend’s National Final of the Be the Influence Australian Boardriders Battle...
13 August, 2013 : - VIDEO: Nti Sheeto (Knee-sheet-o) is Dion Agius' short film, made in conjunction with What Youth and presented by Globe, illustrating...
16 March, 2011 : - - Dion Agius, one of the most talked about and filmed free surfers of the 21st Century, has once again signed multi-year agreement to ride...


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