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Dion Agius debuts short film about Indonesia


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'Nti Sheeto' is Dion Agius' film opus to Indonesia

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 August, 2013 : - - Nti Sheeto (Knee-sheet-o) is Dion Agius' short film, made in conjunction with What Youth and presented by Globe, illustrating the contrast between the psychedelic and magical natural wonders of Indonesia with the surreal and demented trappings of it's darker nighttime street culture.

We love Indonesia for all that it is and this is Dion Agius' film opus to the region. Starring Ozzie Wright, Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Thom Pringle and Warren Smith.

Source: Globe

Author: Eric Tomlinson

Tags: Dion Agius, Ozzy Wright, What Youth, Thom Pringle, Indonesia

Video: Surfersvillage


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