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Dion Agius: Terrible with spray paint, great with clips

Dion Agius © SUPERBrand



The Surfersvillage Interview

"Generally whenever I make something I hate it pretty shortly after..."

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 January, 2016 - C’mon admit it. Most of us want to be cool. We try very hard to be cool. We grow beards, wear flannel and grab vintage camera equipment. But we just end up looking like lumberjacks who’ve replaced their axes with Bolex Cameras. We try too hard. And that is not cool.

But you know who’s cool and doesn’t have to try so hard? That’s right, Dion Agius. He’s a jet-set, stylish man who makes his living off internet clips and hard-to-pronounce clothing brands. He’s a DJ, an artist, a film maker and he was able to follow these passions because he’s a damn good surfer to boot, most famously starring in several Joe G productions. Strange times indeed. Meet surfing’s current definition of cool, Dion Agius.


How would you describe to a very small, inattentive child what it is you do for work?

I ride around trying jumps on small hills of water in the ocean on a small piece of foam that has been carved by the hand of a man.
A lot of press about you is simply gushing about your jet-set, clubland lifestyle, like you have your own theme music that enters the room with you and you’re a sort of Bruce Wayne or James Bond of the freesurf professionalcrew. How accurate is this? I mean, do you do your own laundry?

I do laundry about once a month, not because I have other people do it for me. I'm just never in one spot enough to actually do laundry, and I'm also very lazy. And I heard if you just air your dirty clothes out for a few days they are pretty much clean again anyways. No theme music for me, sounds cool though, maybe I should bring a tape player with me from now on playing theme music wherever I go and pretend I'm a bad ass.


Your shoot at the Wadi Wadi wave pool in Dubai got heaps of attention. There were lots of logistic hurdles from renting the place to securing online exclusivity for the location- what are some of the more unglamorous things you have to do to pull off a project like this?

We spent about three weeks prepping for the shoot which was pretty intense because we knew we were racing against the clock to go and shoot and edit and then release the film before too many people had found out about the pool. Chasing funding and having all the right crew is the most important but lucky for me I work with Joe G who is the most amazing man / producer that I know so he managed to pull everything we needed together really quick was amazing. I had to help out casting the Russian models for the shoot and that was pretty difficult.

There is something wonderfully late-1980s post-punk-industrial-album about your artwork for SUPERbrand. Why cut’n’paste creations and not spray paint or pen and ink?

I'm terrible with spray paint, I love pen and ink but it ends up looking like chicken scratch most of the time. I like collage but also don't really think I'm very good at it. But I so enjoy it a lot and gives me something to do when I'm home every now and again. Generally whenever I make something I hate it pretty shortly after so I think that means it's probably not very good. One of my best friends Warren and I used to do a little online project called Proxynoise. I was very proud of that. I wish we still had it going.



Tell us what has been your biggest mistake?

Wasting time. You should never ever waste time. You only have such a limited amount and I've wasted a bit. Partying and doing stupid shit and what not. It's a waste. 
What did you learn from that mistake?

If you're going to party go home before 2am. Nothing good ever happens after 2 am.
Share with us your biggest Rocky Balboa moment.

Waking up a 5:00 this morning.
If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?Steaming lattés?

Hopefully at school studying. 

Bryan Dickerson

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