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3D printing method for DIY shapes launches in Australia

Make a board without ever entering the shaping bay



Board Design

Disrupt Surfing brand utilizes 3D printing for surfboard designs

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 April, 2015 - What would happen if you dropped the shaper out of the surfboard-making equation? We're about to find out. Disrupt Surfing is Australian-based startup that offers customers the chance to create their own shapes, either from scratch or off a favorite board.

DIY board-building spaces like Shaper’s Supply, where one can mow their own foam, are growing in popularity. These are places where would-be Mayhems and Rustys select a blank, shape it and send it off to be glassed. The new Disrupt Surfboards method seeks to complete this same process, but with the consumer never actually coming in contact with the board (until it's done.) 

The process works like this: customers upload the template of a favorite board or use their own design and tweak it to however they see fit online - a little extra width, narrow the nose, etc. The software creates a 3D printing file and Disrupt prints a prototype. Then the file is sent to Asia for manufacturing.

Polyurethane foam can’t be pressed out of a 3D printer just yet, so all shaping is done by a machine. The glassing is done overseas as well. 

Disrupt told BRW that once the technology catches up, the entire board process will be made locally near the customer. 

Once the process is streamlined, the cost of a board from Disrupt could be roughly 25% less than name brand boards. Plus, the creator could brag that they had made the board. 

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