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Dominic Barona wins Latin Surfing Championship

Dominic Barona wins Latin Surfing Championship
Dominic Barona © ALAS/Sotillo Jr.



Contest Updates 

Barona started the season strong & she finished with a strong showing 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 November, 2014 - Ecuador’s Dominic Barona has been crowned Latin American Surfing Champion. As the ALAS tour heads into Las Flores, El Salvador for the Herbalife Latin Pro Flowers event, Dominic will look to cement her reputation.

Her performance this season was nothing short of fantastic. First she won the season opener in Playas, Ecuador then went on for a strong showing at San Lorenzo in Ecuador.

Dominic had a brief struggle for the ratings lead with Cristina Varas but then came the Negritos event in Peru where Dominic again claimed the win and pulled out ahead in the ratings.

The women's ranking today is as follows:
1- Dominic Barona (ECU) -   6,475 points
2- Cristina Vargas (ECU) - 4,846
3- Michelle Soriano (ECU) - 4,188
4- Daniela Sotillo (VEN) - 3,741
5- Carmen de los Santos (ECU) - 3,315


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