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Donpu Indonesia Open to run in Lakey Peak perfection



Lakey Peak Sumbawa

Dompu Indonesia Open

6 Star ISC Event
Lakey Peak Sumbawa
13 - 15 August 2007

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Dompu Indonesia Open 2007 Surfing Contest Added to 2007 ISC Tour Schedule

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 July, 2007 : - - Kuta-Bali -- The Dompu Regency Department of Art and Culture in Sumbawa together with the ISC (Indonesian Surfing Championship) and the BSA (Bali Surfing Association) are currently finalizing plans to hold a 6-star surfing competition from the 13-15th of August at the world class reef breaks of Lakey Peak.  
Lakey Peak has become one of the most visited surf destinations in Indonesia after Bali and the Mentawais due to several factors; the hollow barreling tubes of Lakey Peak and Lakey Pipe, not to mention Periscopes and the variety of other nearby breaks, its ease of access from Bali just a few hours away, and its well developed tourism infrastructure. 

Hundreds of foreign surfers make the journey to Lakey Peak each week during the peak season of June through September to enjoy the experience of surfing some of Indonesia’s best waves.
Indonesia has a wealth of natural resources and world class surfing locations are among them, but this fact is often overlooked by the national and local governments who have little idea of the significance that surfing has had and continues to have on the country’s economy.
The last major professional surf competition held at Lakey Peak was 10 years ago, an ASP World Qualifying Series event in 1997 attended by a field of international and national surfers.  But the Asian financial crisis, followed by 9/11 and the increase in worldwide terrorist activities, throttled future plans to make it a regular stop on the tour.

However, during the last year two of the major surfing brands, Quiksilver and Rip Curl, have held junior events there and the re-exposure of Lakey Peak as an important part of the Dompu economy has encouraged the local government to invest in attracting more attention to their valuable natural resource and to further develop it.
The ISC is currently assisting the Dompu Regency by soliciting proposals from major surf brands in Bali for a co-sponsorship in order that media exposure be maximized and to increase the prize money to create a 6 star “prime” event.  The proposals will be submitted to the Regent of Dompu for final selection. A press release will follow to announce the co-sponsor when it has been decided. 

About the ISC 
The ISC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of professional surfing in Indonesia by creating a pathway of opportunity for the many young and talented athletes by which to eventually participate in the ASP’s World Qualifying Series and ultimately the World Championship Tour.  The ISC is based in Bali, the heart and soul of surfing in Indonesia, and to date is supported primarily by the major surf industry brands that are represented here.

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