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Duke's OceanFest rolls with lifeguards & longboards



Duke's OceanFest

Queens Surf Break, Waikiki Oahu
16 - 24 August 2014

Aloha Surf Lifesaving Team Wins Lifeguard Challenge

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 August, 2014 - Today at the 13th Annual Duke's OceanFest the ASP Pro long boarders hit the water at Queens Surf Break for the one star Association of Surfing Professionals event.  Surf was a tricky 1-2 feet with inconsistent sets durning the 20 minute round one heats. The round shuffled the competitors for their quarter final bouts tomorrow, August 21st. 

Maui Zack from Waikiki was a stand out today pulling 360 maneuvers and nose rides out shuffling his opponent for the win. Duane DeSoto, Kavika Kinamaka, and Adam Lefebvre  also won their heats. 
Duane DeSoto is defending champion of this event. "I did not surf to well today but I am through to the next round and looking forward to tomorrow when the ways come up, he said. Surf is expected to increase tomorrow with a new SW swell in the 3-4 range in Waikiki.  Both the Mens and Women's ASP Longboard competitions will finish up. Both events are qualifying events for the World Championship in China in November. 

Here Is the heat line-up for tomorrows quarters. 1) Ned Snow-Scotty- Fong-Kawika Kinimaka-Michaelo Sisiam  2) Nelson Ahina-Keegan Edwards-Duane DeSoto-Nick Alexander 3)Andre Derizans-John Kepoo-Maui Zack-Chad Gemeno 4)Kai Sallas-Dino Miranda-Adam Lefebvre-David Carvallho.

Also today the Outrigger Resorts Lifeguard Challenge was a spectacular event for all to see on the beautiful beach fronting the Outrigger Waikiki. Four teams participated in a series of disciplines from swimming, paddling, running, SUP paddling and beach flags, a favorite of the spectators. Points were added up and at the end it was team Aloha Surf Lifesaving that took top honors. The team included Jackson Maynare, Bryan Pinkston, Kaeo Abbey, Jayden Jensen and Team Captain Kenny Rust. 

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