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East Coast's best earn their stripes on the North Shore

All-Star ladies Leah, Abigail, Sophie & Braidyn Photo: Jordan Montgomery
ESA All Star Women © Jordan Montgomery



Team Updates

The ESA All Star Team just completed a special practice mission to Oahu

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 March, 2017 - The Eastern Surfing Association announced today that the 2017 All-Star Team has returned from a special training mission to the North Shore of Oahu where they enjoyed Hawaiian culture, world-class waves and had the opportunity to train with professional surfer Tamayo Perry. 

This elite group of young surfers make up some of the up-and-coming champions within the ESA, which is celebrating its 50th year in 2017.

“It’s great to see the kids out of their comfort zone and watch them work together to accomplish the goal of becoming better athletes,” said mentor Jeanine Montgomery.  “Whether surfing the powerful waves on the North Shore or learning to live in a house as a team and work together to get their tasks completed, everyone learns something about themselves while taking away great life lessons beyond paddling out.”

All-Star members and mentors had to deal with brown water advisories, big waves and torrential rains throughout their time in Hawaii.  This allowed team members to not only surf the well-known surf breaks such as Sunset, Pipeline and Haleiwa, but also experience various breaks all over the island.

“This was one of the best weeks of my life,” said new team member Trevor Francis.  “It was a blast to surf amazing waves with everyone on the team and then hang out with everyone at the house.”

2017 was Sophie Falzone’s second All-Star trip to Hawaii. “This trip to Hawaii was the best! I made so many new memories and bonded with the entire All-Star team. Surfing every day with the team was really fun and helped me become a better surfer.”

The team trained with Tamayo Perry of Oahu Surfing Experience for the third year. “The ESA All-Star team members were eager to learn and soak up anything pertaining to surfing that I was willing and able to divulge.  This team of groms was such a pleasure to work with as they were able to apply the knowledge I provided instantly and first-hand in some ‘real kine – Hawaiian heavy water’.”

“It was great to train with legend big wave surfer Tamayo Perry again,” Logan Kamen said. “I have mad respect for him as he’s always welcoming and shares his knowledge with us.”

Team mentor Kainalu Nichols adds, “Working with Tamayo is the best, he explains everything so well and I am grateful for him sharing his wealth of knowledge.”

“The biggest benefit of the trip for the kids was that it reinforced their comradery and mutual respect for each other,” said David Montgomery, an All-Star adult mentor.  “Having other East Coasters to share in the challenge of surfing the North shore somehow made it much less daunting.”

New team member Abigail Remke sums up the trip perfectly, “My first Hawaii trip as an ESA All-Star was such an amazing experience! Being able to surf all these amazing spots was just the beginning, I’ve made so many great friends that I know will last a lifetime!”

Special thanks to the following who helped make this trip a success.

Jeanine Montgomery
Lenny Nichols
Pam Hill
David Montgomery
Tamayo & Emilia Perry @oahusurfingexperience
Jordan Montgomery Photography
Kainalu Nichols
Velzyland Hale
Rip Curl

Michelle Sommers

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