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Ecuador prepares for 2013 ISA World Masters

Montanita © FESURF

ISA Masters Updates

Ecuador prepares for the World Masters Surfing Championship in 2013

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 December, 2012 : - - Quito - At least 600 delegates from 30 countries will be represented at the World Surfing Championship Masters category to be held in Ecuador from 6 to 14 April 2013. Montañita beach in the province of Santa Elena, will host the event venue, which will be broadcast in real time via the Internet to more than 160 countries. This international competition is presented by the national surfing association (FESURF) and representatives from the Ministries of Sport and Tourism.

Montanita is by far the most consistent wave on the coast. It's a barreling right-hander at low tide, and super fun hot dog wave at high tide. Best on north swells, but also breaks on south swells. Best at medium tide, unless the swell direction is just right and then it's a heavy barrel wave at low tide.

Xavier Aguirre, president of the Ecuadorian Surf Federation, said that the country is ready with hotel infrastructure, roads and excellent wave conditions in the month of April. "It will be a great opportnity to expose to the world the benefits of the Ecuadorian beaches and its people", said Aguirre.

The Ministry of Sports will invest $600,000 dollars in the organization of the championship, the preparation of the Ecuadorian athletes and other details for the event. Carlos Alvarado, from the organizing committee, said the surf tournament, besides being a sporting event, will also be an experience for cultural exchange.

Source: prensa Latina

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