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Encyclopedia Of Surfing launches web version


Surf History

Score another one for surf nerds as Encyclopedia Of Surfing goes digital

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 September, 2013 : - - The Encyclopedia Of Surfing launches what it's calling "the definitive, exhaustive guide to surf history and culture." Originally a book by Matt Warshaw, the EOS has gone digital to keep up with a history that's evolving with each new swell, contest, film and travel discovery.

The home page of EOS features a grid of entries, a navigation bar and on every EOS page, you’ll see a vertical orange stripe down the left side. Hover over that bar with your cursor, and the nav bar slides over. Once on an entry page, click on any of the links under “See Also,” and you’re off down the rabbit hole. A little orange “play” button in the lower right corner of an image means its a vid clip.

EOS has been granted access to a staggeringly large collection of surf media collections, for the express purpose of preserving these images and videos for the public. Most of our contributors are listed under the “Contributors” link on the search bar.

                                                      Matt Warshaw © Chris Burkard

Much of the text is the same, although the book, at this point, actually has a lot more of it. EOS are still transferring entries to the site, and will be for a year or two. The site, on the other hand, has video, photos by the thousands, and is updated daily.

EOS is a non-profit organization (pending), supported by its readership. Like NPR, we may secure corporate sponsors, but the site will always be free from ad clutter

For those who wish, there is a “Buy This Page” program. All pages are available for   personal sponsorships. If your favorite surfer of all time is Phil Edwards and you like the idea of having your name listed as the sponsor at the top and bottom of his entry, one can do that.

Source: EOS

Author: The Editors

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