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Collision Coverage: Insurance extends into UK waters



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Surfing Great Britain launches "Be insured, be Surfing BG"

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 March, 2015 - Cornwall, England - The North Devon Journal reports today that Surfing Great Britain has rolled out their new surfing insurance initiative.

Working alongside Endsleigh Insurers, Surfing Great Britain will now offer not only 3rd party liability, but "PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVER" (Surfing GB's spelling and emphasis). The policy is meant to insure against accidents caused in the water.

For £20 as an adult or £15 as a junior or student, you can seek "financial help if you have a serious accident or injury, or if you suffer a fatal accident when Surfing."

The Journal quotes Matt Knight, of Britain's Croyd Surf Club, at length, but here's the gist of it: "The crowds at the most popular surf beaches are now the most dangerous part of surfing...

"Busy days at Croyde have the lifeguards fully occupied and our members are regularly involved in assisting people who have got into potentially dangerous situations. Occasionally there's a really serious accident...The more people there are in the water, the more accidents there will be. That's why liability insurance is so important... this isn't about looking for compensation, it's about making sure surfers on our beach are protected. The addition of personal accident cover is a real bonus for our regular surfers and beginners."

The roll out comes just a few days after a 14-year old Newquay grom was hit in the head by a stray board and hospitalized.

While insurance of this sort might seem inocuous enough, it will be interesting to see what effect it has on behavior in the lineup. Additionally, wether surfers will be insured from Point Break-esque beatings at localized spots is yet to be known. In the meantime, keep your head down.

Ashton Goggans

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