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Epic Supertubes surfing in Quiksilver SA Surfing Champs

Sean Holmes : photo © Karen Wilson /

2004 Quiksilver South African Surfing Championships

Surfing South Africa (SSA) sanctioned event

Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

May 2 –9, 2004

Epic surfing at Supertubes in Quiksilver SA Surfing Champs

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 05 May 2004: - - Supertubes at Jeffreys Bay and South Africa’s best surfers today combined to produce an epic day of competition surfing that will long be remembered in the annals of the Quiksilver SA Surfing Championships.

From dawn to dusk glassy 1.6 to 2.5 metre (5-8 foot) waves peeled down the fabled point providing the open men’s and U20 boys competitors with an incomparable stage on which to perform their full repertoire of radical manoeuvres.

Former WCT campaigner Paul Canning (KZN) set the tone for the day by notching up 15.33 points out of a possible 20 in the first heat of the day, which was run before 8am. He and second placed Ryan Balfour (Zululand) advanced directly to the next round of qualifiers while those placed third to fifth were relegated to the cutthroat repecharge rounds in the double elimination system being used at this event.

Calvin Moore : photo © Karen Wilson /

Gary van Wieringen (SKZN), Jevon le Roux (WP), local star Dylan Stone (EP) and Gavin Roberts (SKZN) all notched up scores in the mid teens before former ISA world champion Travis Logie (KZN), currently ranked fifth on the World Qualifying Series (WQS), compiled a 9.0 and 7.0 for a 16.0 total.

As the Spring low tide made the double overhead wave faces more vertical and hollower, Royden Bryson from the Border team put together an outstanding combination of rides that saw him count 9.17 and 8.57 point scores for 17.74 and the highest heat total of the event to that stage

Local Eastern province competitors Ryan Payne and Craig Els took advantage of the conditions to win their encounters convincingly before former two-time SA open surfing champion Sean Holmes emphatically announced his intentions for a third title when he recorded the first perfect 10 point ride of the event.

Ryan Payne : photo © Karen Wilson /

Holmes used the uncanny affinity with the legendary Supertubes waves that has seen him beat two-time ASP world champ Andy Irons there in the both 2002 and 2003 to claim the highest combined heat score of the event also when he added a near perfect 9.17 point ride to total 19.17 out of a possible 20 for his opening heat in the contest.

Stanley Badger (EP) used his local knowledge to overcome recent pro event champ Frankie Oberholzer (SKZN) before Shane Thorne (KZN), like Oberholzer and Holmes, a member of the current SA national team, wrapped up the open men’s first round with a victory.

The U20 boys then demonstrated that SA surfing will be well represented in future years by displaying an incredible level of surfing talent in the second round of the qualifying stream.

Dylan Stone : photo © Karen Wilson /

15 year-old KZN team-mates Josch Schmeltzer and Jordy Smith, the latter the reigning ISA world U16 champ, 16 year-old Joseph Krone from Mossel Bay and 18 year-olds Ricky Basnett, Damien Fahrenfort (both KZN) and Keegan Nel (Border) all scored on a par with their open division counterparts.

With the surf still pumping and the weather idyllic, the organisers sent the second round of men’s open qualifiers out to do battle and big wave expert Richie Sills emerged the highest scorer in these six heats, notching up an 8.50 point ride for a series three ultra radical manoeuvres on a vertical 10 foot (3 metre) wall of water that rumbled down the rock lined point like a freight train.

Thorne was equally impressive in winning the last heat of the day, leaving Logie needing a 8.43 point ride for victory, while Oberholzer just piped Holmes by less than point with both advancing to the next round of qualifiers.

Stanley Badger : photo © Karen Wilson /

There they will be joined by West from the host province who compiled four high scoring rides to beat former ASP Africa champ Jevon le Roux (WP), with the two of them consigning Els and defending SA open champ Quintin Jones to the repecharge rounds.

Canning and Bryson from the first heat of the round and Payne and Gary van Wieringen (SKZN) from the second, complete the line up for the qualifiers round three after finishing in that order in their respective heats.

Predictions for a drop in swell size and continued light winds have convinced the organisers to wait for 7am on Thursday morning before deciding on what divisions to run on day five of the 40th annual national championships.

Galen Hossack : photo © Karen Wilson /

The 2004 Quiksilver SA Surfing Championships will be completed on Sunday May 9 when the finals in all eight individual divisions will be staged. The awards ceremony will be held at the event site soon after midday.

Quiksilver SA Surfing Championships – Jeffreys Bay

Results – Day 4 – Wednesday

Open Men – Qualifiers Rnd 1

H1. 1 Paul Canning (KZN), 2 Ryan Balfour (Zulu), 3 Simon Fish (Bor), 4 Jonty Cornah (SC), 5 Cass Collier (WP)

H2. 1 Gary Van Wieringen (SN), 2 Granville West (EP), 3 Jay Jay Schlebusch (Bol), 4 Sharon Ngcobo (KZN)

H3. 1 Jevon Le Roux (WP), 2 Kevin Olsen (Bor), 3 Luke Patterson (KZN), 4 David Pfaff (SC), 5 Brain Chapple (Zulu)

H4. 1 Dylan Stone (EP), 2 Richard Sills (KZN), 3 Brian Mommsen (SC), 4 Matt Marais (Bol)

H5. 1 Gavin Roberts (SN), 2 Lee Bissett (KZN), 3 Justin Saunders (EP), 4 Gerrit Frylinck (Bol)

H6. 1 Travis Logie (KZN), 2 Rodney Somogyvari (WP), 3 Adin Jeenes (SC), 4 Tyrell Johnson (Bor), 5 Dylan Stewart (Zulu)

H7. 1 Royden Bryson (Bor), 2 Daniel Beatty (WP), 3 Matthew Kruger (KZN), 4 Galen Hossack (SC), 5 Alan Johns (Zulu)

H8. 1 Ryan Payne (EP), 2 Andrew Banks (SN), 3 Michael Varikas (KZN), 4 Justin Scott (Bol)

H9. 1 Craig Els (EP), 2 Calvin Moore (SN), 3 Manfred Adrio (KZN), 4 Dagan Gold (Bol)

H10. 1 Sean Holmes (SC), 2 Quinton Jones (WP), 3 Dane Patterson (KZN), 4 Paul Proctor (Bor), 5 Pete Rottcher (Zulu)

H11. Stanley Badger (EP), 2 Frankie Oberholzer (SN), 3 Hilton Lawrence (KZN), 4 Andrew Coultas (WP)

H12. 1 Shane Thorne (KZN), 2 Ewald Van Heerden (WP), 3 Devyn Matthews (Bor), 4 Wallace Smith (SC), 5 Craig Butcher (Zulu)

Under 20 Boys – Qualifiers Rnd 2

H1. 1 Josh Schmeltzer (KZN), 2 Wade Lewis (KZN), 3 Lyle Meek (EP), 4 Daniel Redman (KZN)

H2. 1 Ricky Basnett (KZN), 2 Keegan Nel (Bor), 3 Kyle Jacobs (EP), 4 Mikhail Thompson (Bol)

H3. 1 Jordy Smith (KZN), 2 Damien Fahrenfort (KZN), 3 Jonathan Hill (EP), 4 Cordell Venter (Zulu)

H4. 1 Joseph Krone (SC), 2 Brett Shearer (WP), 3 Sam Wiese (SC), 4 Byron Brodowicz (SN)

Open Men – Qualifiers Rnd 2

H1. 1 Paul Canning (KZN), 2 Royden Bryson (Bor), 3 Andrew Banks (SN), 4 Rodney Somogyvari (WP)

H2. 1 Ryan Payne (EP), 2 Gary van Wieringen (SN), 3 Calvin Moore (SN), 4 Ryan Balfour (Zulu)

H3. 1 Granville West (EP), 2 Jevon Le Roux (WP), 3 Craig Els (EP), 4 Quintin Jones (WP)

H4. 1 Frankie Oberholzer (SN), 2 Sean Holmes (SC), 3 Dylan Stone (EP), 4 Kevin Olsen (Bor)

H5. 1 Richard Sills (KZN), 2 Gavin Roberts (SN), 3 Stanley Badger (EP), 4 Ewald van Heerden (WP)

H6. Shane Thorne (KZN), 2 Travis Logie (KZN), 3 Daniel Beatty (WP), 4 Lee Bisset (KZN)

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