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ESA New England contest lucky in Rhode Island..

Peter Pan : photo McGovern

ESA South New England event

ESA South New England
Point Judith LIghthouse, Narragansett Rhode Island
14 - 15 August 2010

Locals Rock South Side

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 August, 2010 : - - ESA South New England Co-Director Ron Belanger put all his faith in the internet surf sites on Friday night before the contest.  Despite the fact that there was little or no surf to speak of on Friday, area wave forecasters called for a solid 2-4 foot swell that would hit the south side of the Point Judith Lighthouse on the following day.

“I was hesitant to make the call, but when we pulled up and saw waist to chest high sets and offshore winds, we knew it was the right decision,” said Ron. Oddly enough, the best surf spot in Rhode Island that day was indeed, the south side reef break off the lighthouse. “Surfers were coming up to the contest site all day and saying that it was the best surf they saw anywhere,” said Belanger. 

“We really lucked out today,” he said. “Very light crowd out there, and we have sunny skies and a swell we did not expect to last all day.”

ESA contestants were stoked to see the good waves, and almost all competitors were out practicing before their heats hit the water. “There were some solid workable peaks coming in,” said Open and Junior Men’s champion James Pilkington of Narragansett. “These were great contest waves today.” Block Island’s Gavin Smith certainly thought so, as he tore apart the perfect left and right peaks to win a record three titles.

Smith was especially outstanding with his stylish long board rides, as he nailed every set wave to take the Menehune Long board final. Kai Doyle matched Gavin wave for wave in the Menehune Short board heat, but Gavin’s last right peak put him in the winner’s circle. Smith was at his best in the Menehune Body board final, when he nailed two solid right barrels and squeaked through the inside sections.

Narragansett’s top Junior Man’s competitor James Pilkington gave an indication of his surfing performance in the practice area before the contest began. James was powering through and around the long left sectioning walls. Once he hit the water during the competition, he continued with that hot performance.

He found two shoulder high peaks that formed on the second reef, and proceeded to pump down the line into the south side’s “rock piles” and topped veteran Ron Belanger for the title.  He soon added the Junior Men’s short board crown to his trophy collection with another outstanding display of cutbacks and lip smacks.

Mike Akers of Pawcatuck, Connecticut showed the judges some nice tip rides and laybacks to win the Men’s Long board crown in his first ever ESA contest. Westerly’s Ron Belanger feasted on the left front side sections as he took both the Senior Men’s and Senior Long board titles in short order.

Boston’s Pat Redmond tuned up with some nice drop-knee and “el rollo’s to win the Open Body board title over Chance Hurley. Westerly’s Lucas Burger won his first ever contest in the Boy’s division as he milked two solid left sections that held into the rocky shore pound.

In the female ranks, Courtney Sutherland of Narragansett racked up the points in both the Junior Women and Junior Women Long board events, while Wakefield’s Mary Walton was able to work the left inside sections to her advantage, winning both the Senior Women’s long and short board events.

In the elder categories, Cambridge, Massachusetts Grand Legends champion Kitty Pechet added another win to her resume, while Narragansett’s Peter Pan sliced up the left walls for wins in both the Legends long and short board stanzas.

New England Sports Network (NESN) sent reporter Paul Paquette and a film crew to the contest and they were very impressed with the caliber of the surfing. They filmed the event all day and will be airing it within the next two weeks on the cable channel’s website.

This 3rd rated contest of the season was sponsored by Pipeline Clothing, Chance Hurley, Narragansett Surf and Skate, and the Eastern Surfing Association.  ESA officials hope to pull off another contest on August 28th at 2nd Beach in Middletown. This contest will be on call on August 27th after 6:00 PM.  Interested surfers should call the ESA Hotline at 401-789-7890 after 6:00 PM on Friday night.

“This is hopefully our final tune-up contest before we head down to the East Coast Surfing Championships Grand Finals at the Outer Banks,” said Ron Belanger after the contest concluded. “Our competitors need some to get some contest practice in before the big event in September.”

Menehunes- 1.Gavin Smith 2.Kai Doyle 3.Clara Burger  
Boys- 1.Lucas Burger  
Junior Men- 1. James Pilkington  
Senior Men- 1.Ron Belanger 2.Jose Galvez  3.Scott Sutherland  
Grand Masters- 1.Claudio Paolino  
Legends- 1.Peter Pan  
Grand Legends- 1.Kitty Pechet  
Junior Women- 1.Courtney Sutherland  
Senior Women- 1.Mary Walton   Menehune Longboard- 1.Gavin Smith  2.Lukas Burger  3.Clara Burger  
Men’s Longboard- 1.Mike Akers  
Senior Longboard- 1.Ron Belanger  2.Scott Sutherland  3.Jose Galvez  
Legends Longboard- 1.Peter Pan  
Junior Women Longboard- 1.Courtney Sutherland  
Senior Women Longboard- 1.Mary Walton  2.Kitty Pechet  
Menehune Bodyboard- 1.Gavin Smith  
Open Bodyboard- 1.Pat Redmond  2.Chance Hurley  3.Peter Pan  
Open- 1.James Pilkington  2.Ron Belanger  3.Jose Galvez  4.Scott Sutherland

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Peter Pan

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