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ESA Northeast Surf-Offs light up Hampton Beach

 East Coast legend Peter Pan © Joe McGovern


2012 ESA Northeast Regional Surf-Offs

Eastern Surfing Assn
The Wall, Hampton Beach New Hampshire
28 - 29 April 2012

Event runs in solid waist-to-chest high surf with brisk offshore winds

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 May, 2012 : - - The famous 'Wall' at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire came through with surf yet again, at the 2012 ESA Northeast Surf-Offs, this past weekend.  The contest was originally scheduled for three days, but was compacted into a two-day event, because of fears of flat seas on Sunday, the third day. Lenny Nichols, the North New England District Director and host of the contest made the call, and it turned out to be the right one.

Competitors played with solid waist to chest high surf with brisk offshore winds for both days of the contest. The quality of the waves made for some great surfing and high scoring rides, especially on the first day of the event.

The big surprise of the event had to be the outstanding performance of Boy’s competitor Liam O’Regan of Middletown, Rhode Island. He scratched and clawed through some of the toughest conditions of the entire contest on Saturday afternoon, advancing to the Open Final. The final heat was a game of hide-and-seek, with the competitors trying to find the waves that had all but disappeared.  O’Regan moved from one side of the competition area to the other, trying to find that one wave. Just before the end of the heat, he nailed it, pushing him ahead of Chad Bruce to win the title.

Earlier in the day, Liam took a 2nd in the Boys and 3rd in the Menehune Longboard, in more contestable conditions, giving him enough points to take home the coveted “Ironman” trophy.



Liam O'Regan © Joe McGovern


While the lower tides favored easy riding and fun waves, the high tide surf was treacherous at times, when the waves dumped onto the rocky inside shore pound. This was especially evident in the female finals, as the competitors made a valiant effort to score points without breaking their boards. Credit should be given to Jessica Duerr, Cassidy McClain, Nohealani Nichols, and Ana Barend, for their heroic wins in their respective divisions.

In the short board events, the adults got the best surf on Friday without a doubt. This was evident in some of the high scores in the finals. Matt Mashura, Chuck Barend, Ed Fawess, and Tom McClaren took their divisional crowns with ease. In a rare feat, Mike DeWald won the Grandmasters, while his son, Kevin, won the Men’s final.

Without a doubt, the most entertaining categories to watch were the long board divisions. It seemed as if the best surf came through during the finals of these events. Mary Aswell styled her way to a big win in the Women’s Long board Final, while short board specialist Jen Grottola pumped through the flat sections to win the Ladies category. Chad Bruce, Spencer Bridges, Kevin DeWald, and Chuck Barend all won their respective categories in ideal hot dogging surf. The toughest division with the most competitors turned out to be the Legends, and the final was one of the closest of the contest. Peter Pan out tricked Mike DeWald for the title, with Joe Grottola close behind.

It only took one perfectly sectioning right wall to get Pat Redmond the Open Bodyboard title over Kainalu Nichols. After 8 years of competing, Pat got the big win with a wave that featured two 360’s and one clean “El Rollo.” Caleb Seitz drop kneed to the win in the Menehune Bodyboard final over Chris Lanza.



Gavin Smith © Joe McGovern



Menehune Finalists (11 & Under, M/F)
1st SNJ-1 Michael Vanaman
2nd SNJ-2 Kyle Tester
3rd CNJ-1 Keaton Fortney
4th NNE-3 Tristan Hamilton
5th NY-1 Elliott Erb
6th NNE-5 Elliot Anderson

Boys Finalists (12-14)
1st CNJ-3+AS Andrew Rooney
2nd SNE-1 Liam O'Regan
3rd CNJ-1 Spencer Bridges
4th NY-1 Jared Bono
5th NNE-1 Kainalu Nichols
6th SNE-2 Corran Moore

"Jimmy Lewis" Junior Men Final (15-17)
1st NY-2 Jonathan Cahn
2nd CNJ-1 Alex Brooks
3rd SNJ-8 Scott Kirkpatrick
4th SNJ-2 Zach Greaser
5th NY-1 James Reen
6th SNJ-1 Perry Siganos

Men Finalists (18-24)
1st SNJ-2 Kevin DeWald
2nd SNJ-4 Colin Smith

Masters Finalists (25-34)
1st SNJ-1 Matt Mashura
2nd GRLK-3 Aurelien Bouche-Pillon

Senior Men Finalists (35-44)
1st SNE-2+AS Chuck Barend
2nd NNE-1 Jon Anderson
3rd SNE-1 Jose Galvez
4th CNJ-1 Gerry Matthews

Grandmasters Finalists (45-54)
1st SNJ-2 Mike DeWald
2nd SNJ-1 Joe Grottola
3rd GRLK-1 Jim Hoop
4th CNJ-1 Carmen Garcia
5th SNE-3 Tim Cunningham
6th SNE-1 Claudio Paolino

Legends Finalists (55-64)
1st NY-6 Ed Fawess
2nd SNE-1 Peter Pan
3rd NNE-3 Lenny Nichols
4th SNJ-1 Tom Leonik
5th CNJ-1 Rich Killeen
6th NNE-1 Bob McNeil

Grand Legends Finalists (65 & Over, M/F)
1st SNJ-1 Tom McClaren
2nd SNE-1 Kitty Pechet

Girls Finalists (14 & Under)
1st CNJ-1 Jessica Duerr
2nd NY-1 Selena Moberly
3rd NY-2 Olivia Jansing
4th NNE-2 Katie Thorpe
5th NNE-1 Libby Underwood

Junior Women Finalists (15-17)
1st SNJ-1 Cassidy McClain
2nd CNJ-2 Jessica Kwiecinski
3rd NY-1 Erin Kohler
4th CNJ-1 Caroline Duerr
5th SNE-1 Mya Kotalac
6th NNE-1 Hokulani Nichols

Women Finalists (18-29)
1st NNE-1 Nohealani Nichols
2nd SNE-1 Sara Parker
3rd CNJ-1 Kali Park-Emery
4th SNJ-1 Kara Borzillo
5th SNE-3 Mary Aswell

Ladies Finalists (30 & Over)
1st SNE-1+AS Ana Barend
2nd SNJ-3 Donna Vittorelli
3rd SNJ-1 Jennifer Grottola
4th NY-2 Lorraine Costa
5th NY-3 Liz Quinn
6th NY-1 Kim Romagnesi

Menehune Longboard Finalists (14 & Under, M/F)
1st CNJ-1 Spencer Bridges
2nd NY-1 Jared Bono
3rd SNE-1 Liam O'Regan
4th NNE-1 Kainalu Nichols
5th NY-6 Olivia Jansing
6th NNE-4 Lars Hamilton

Junior Longboard Finalists (15-17)
1st NNE-5 Chad Bruce
2nd SNJ-1 Zach Greaser
3rd CNJ-1 Alex Brooks
4th NY-2 Jonathan Cahn
5th NY-1 Steven Cahn
6th GRLK-1 Blake Meisinger

Men Longboard Finalists (18-34)
1st SNJ-1 Kevin DeWald

Masters Longboard Finalists (35-49)
1st SNE-2+AS Chuck Barend
2nd CNJ-1 Gerry Mathews
3rd NNE-1 Tim O'Shea
4th GRLK-2 Jim Hoop

Legends Longboard Finalists (50 & Over)
1st SNE-1 Peter Pan
2nd SNJ-1 Mike DeWald
3rd SNJ-2 Joe Grottola
4th NNE-4 Lenny Nichols
5th SNJ-4 Tom Leonik
6th NY-1 Tim Cominos

Womens Longboard Finalists (29 & Under)
1st SNE-1 Mary Aswell
2nd NNE-2 Hokulani Nichols
3rd NNE-1 Nohealani Nichols
4th SNE-3 Sara Parker
5th NY-1 Erin Kohler
6th SNE-5 Mya Kotalac

Ladies Longboard Finalists (30 & Over)
1st SNJ-2 Jennifer Grottola
2nd NY-1 Kim Romagnesi
3rd NY-4 Lorraine Costa
4th NY-2 Liz Quinn
5th CNJ-2 Joannie Sapienza
6th CNJ-1 Joann Hadley

Menehunes Bodyboard Finalists (14 & Under)
1st NY-3 Caleb Seitz
2nd SNJ-1 Chris Lanza
3rd NY-5 Olivia Jansing

Open Bodyboard Finalists (All Ages, M/F)
1st SNE-2 Pat Redmond
2nd NNE-1 Kainalu Nichols
3rd SNE-1 Peter Pan
4th SNE-3 Chance Hurley
5th SNJ-1 Nick Cox

Open Shortboard Finalists (All Ages, M/F)
1st SNE-1 Liam O'Regan
2nd NNE-8 Chad Bruce
3rd NY-1 Jonathan Cahn
4th CNJ-1 Alex Brooks
5th CNJ-4 Andrew Rooney
6th CNJ-3 Spencer Bridges

"Jimmy Lewis Invitational" Open SUP
1st SNJ Tom O'Brien
nd SNJ Gerry Meister
3rd NNE Lenny Nichols  

Iron Man Liam O’Regan 
 3rd Boys 
 3rd Menehune Longboard 
 1st Open Shortboard

Sportsmanship Award 
 Lenny Nichols


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Source: ESA

Author: Peter Pan

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