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European ear protection specialists partner with Northcore



Industry Updates

Surfshields joins EQ, SurfEars and others in emerging high-end earplug market

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 September, 2017 - Northcore announces a collaboration with one of the EU's leading ear protection specialists. After extensive testing and trials “Surfshields” surfers ear plugs were launched in August of this year. Surfshields are a market leading product designed to offer maximum protection, comfort and affordability. They feature a soft earplug with a removable advanced acoustic filter which allows in sound but blocks water.

Krissie Claire Surf blogger tested the new Surfshields, “I was so happy to be able to easily insert the earplugs in my ears before going for a surf. They were soft and comfortable in my ears in comparison to other surf plugs I’ve used.

I tucked the leash string into the back of my wetsuit and used the clip provided to attach them securely just in case they fell out! (they didn’t by the way). Guess what? I could hear everything going on around me! YAY! My ears were protected from the wind and water and I could still hear the waves, nature and friends chatting, this was a great feeling”

Why use Surfshields?

Block water – not sound. Reduce the risk of surfers ear and infections
Removable advanced acoustic filters
100% allergy-free soft organic TPE material.
Includes two universal plug sizes for customizable comfort and fit
Optional use detachable 60cm leash
Optional use detachable leash clip
Free mini hard storage case

Northcore CEO Matt Strathern says of the launch “The Northcore brand was established along the North Sea shores of the UK's east coast where the water gets bitterly cold and unfortunately sometimes polluted. So a good set of surfing earplugs for inner ear protection from infections and exostoses is a natural and essential addition to our range.


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