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EuroSIMA launches three big events this fall



Industry Updates

Surf Summit, Waterman’s Ball & Surfing Lounge land October 2nd & 3rd

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 June, 2014 - This year, EuroSIMA is glad to announce several new and exciting changes for the 2014 Surf Summit and Waterman’s Ball. Both events organized specifically for professionals in the boardsports industry offer great opportunities for networking, discussion and debate in enjoyable and laid-back environments. For this 13th edition, EuroSIMA has decided to spice things up by introducing an all new exhibit, the Surfing Lounge, to showcase what great work its members are producing.

In addition, for the first time, in a spirit of unity, all three events will be open to European retailers.

The Surf Summit. Where the boardsports industry comes together

The EuroSIMA Surf Summit brings together 200 attendees, em-ployees and CEOs from the boardsports industry, for two days of conferences to participate in constructive and informative seminars and workshops. The Summit aims to foster ideas, debates and discussion on various issues with the participation and perspective of international experts from outside the industry.

Among this year’s speakers, EuroSIMA will be welcoming special guest, Hawaiian Joe Noonan, the dolphin whisperer, to discuss how shared trust can be used as a management technique. Two of our very own iconic speakers will also provide fascinating insight: Greg Long, big wave surfer and Maximilien Brabec, will join us to discuss innovation in business models.

Retailers from all over Europe invited to join manufacturers at the Surf Summit. This year, in order to reinforce and encourage strong relationships between retailers and manufacturers, EuroSIMA is glad to invite retailers to join in the industry festivities. In partnership with ISPO Academy, conferences will cover themes related to future development perspectives for the industry, namely relative to specialized and multisport distribution, open-innovation, market studies and the ladies’ markets.

The Summit will take place right alongside the Sufing Lounge exhi-bit at the Bourdaines in Seignosse. Location: Le Loft des Bourdaines, Seignosse Date: October 2-3, 2014

The Waterman’s Ball: The annual boardsports industry gala

The gala officially closes the two-day Surf Summit conference with a relaxing event and a delicious gourmet buffet.

Annual Awards Ceremony: The annual awards ceremony will take place during the gala to reward key players and individuals of 2014 in our industry : European athlete of the year, Boardsports person of the year, Innovation of the Year.

Finally,    as always, the evening will    also host    an auc-
tion of    premium and collector items to raise    funds to
help    EuroSIMA  carry  out  future    charitable    actions.

Location: Hossegor or Seignosse (to be determined) Date: October 3, 2014 - 8pm

The Surfing Lounge : unique exhibit

The expertise and know-how in our industry. For its first edition, the exhibit will display the expertise, creativity and dynamic energy in our industry, highlighting particularly great projects. Through each brand’s unique image, the show provides companies with the opportunity to communicate their values.

The idea is to «speak honestly» to our target audience, the younger generations in our industry and convey how dynamic we truly are. Surf schools and associations will also be invited to the exhibit. The Surfing Lounge will be held with the Quiksilver Pro France, world championship taking over beaches nearby, which should generate substantial and interesting attendance to the exhibit. The Surfing Lounge will be also open to the public, free of charge, throughout the entire weekend of October 4-5, 2014.

Location: Le Loft des Bourdaines, Seignosse Date: October 1-5, 2014

Open to the public, free of charge: October 4-5, 2014

Stephanie Godin

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