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EuroSIMA lays off Int'l Surfing Day for one year

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Delay gives EuroSIMA time to attract new investors for the event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 April, 2014 - For the past ten years, EuroSIMA (The European Boardsports Industry Association) has organized and coordinated a benchmark international event for the surfing community: The International Surfing Day (ISD). 

Year after year, with an ever increasing number of participants, the event gave thousands of people the opportunity to take part in a variety of free activities such as surfing initiations, beach cleaning projects, environmental sustainability awareness campaigns, concerts or hardware testing to name only a few. Although EuroSIMA has organized and coordinated ISD since the very beginning, the event has reached maturity and now require a new boost of energy.

This has brought the organizers to reflect on how it should continue to develop and exist in the future. Firstly, this community event is considered as «less of a priority» than other EuroSIMA missions. The association’s main objectives are to federate the industry, defend its interests, educate, promote and contribute to the development of «action sports» activities.

EuroSIMA focuses its activities on 5 main pillars of development (Communication, economic observation, professional events, HR & training and providing a variety of services to its members). The members are mostly sports apparel, hardware or accessories manufacturers, and a very few are schools. These objectives do not include developing the sports themselves or teaching them in safe environments.

Furthermore, EuroSIMA can no longer bear the logistical and financial costs and provide the necessary human resources required to organize such an international event. For all these reasons, the EuroSIMA Board of Directors has therefore decided to put the organization of ISD on standby in 2014 in order to focus on more urgent member needs throughout Europe. EuroSIMA nevertheless remains concerned by the future of this event.

The association will therefore take advantage of this gap year to reach out to any partners that may be willing or able to give ISD a new boost ( sports federations, associations, private partners, etc...). Indeed, in 2015, new organizers will be responsible for ensuring long-term survival of the event, in a spirit of non-profit and community that promotes the cultural and athletic values that pushed us to create it in the first place.

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