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EuroSIMA partners with Outdoor Sports Valley



Industry Updates

Two groups merge their services to provide member benefits

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 March, 2014 - OSV and EuroSIMA, two associations that respectively represent the interests and the development of the outdoor and action sports industries, have taken their existing partnership to the next level by merging their services. This collaborative approach was implemented with the objective of offering a wider range of services to the combined 340 members of the two associations and to continue providing active representation of the industry at a national and European level.

Created in 1999, EuroSIMA has historically acted as the voice of the European surfing industry and more widely the winter board sports industry through its mountain division, which was added in 2005. In 2008, the association gave birth to the EuroSIMA Cluster to develop a network to incorporate private and public stakeholders to more efficiently contribute to developing the board sports industry in Southwestern France.

Two years later, EuroSIMA was instrumental in creating Outdoor Sports Valley. In 2011, the French government officially recognized OSV as the national benchmark entity representing the outdoor sports industry. Today, OSV boasts 220 member companies from the outdoor industry in the French Alps and beyond, providing them with ongoing assistance for further development.

From the very beginning, the two associations have worked hand in hand, keeping the interests of their members in mind at all times. More recently, OSV and EuroSIMA have started to integrate companies who straddle the boundary between the outdoor and board sports industries. Merging services through membership extensions was the next natural and logical step.

Member companies will now pay for their main membership to one of the two associations, based on their core business in either urban/water sports or mountain sports. Free membership extension to the sister association will then be granted based on each member’s situation. Companies granted membership extensions will be required to name an in-house contact person to represent the company within the sister association and to keep up with projects.


•    A wider range of services will be made available to companies and their employees, such as preferred pricing for shipping, car rentals, online employment platforms, business travel management, health insurance, etc. 
•    Stronger representation at trade shows and other professional events, or with local and public institutions. 
•    Access to shared business models, best practices, and ideas in various fields such as sustainability, innovation, market research and education. 
•    Increased financial assistance and a wider network in the 

Aquitaine and in Rhône-Alpes regions of France. 

By merging their services, OSV and EuroSIMA aim to establish Europe as the home for Outdoor Action Sports companies.

EuroSIMA will focus on uniting stakeholders in the surfing, skateboarding, stand up paddle (SUP), kitesurfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding industries, while OSV will continue its focus on the outdoor and mountain action sports industries.

In addition, both structures share the common objective of creating a European Action Outdoor Sports Forum for CEOs and General Managers, in addition to the  Design Summer Camp, launched in 2013, in partnership with Estia.

Outdoor Sports Valley serves to federate companies within the outdoor sports industry. Its serves the industry through economic development, employment, education and training, promoting participation in sports, innovation, and sustainable development. OSV boasts 220 member companies who represent close to 220 brands and 5 000 jobs.

Stéphanie Godin

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