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Evan Geiselman talks for the first time since nearly-dying at Pipe

The wave that almost killed Evan Geiselman





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"I had a weird feeling paddling out. It was gnarly Pipe”

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 December, 2015 - Filmmaker Ryan Moss talks with Evan Geiselman about the session that almost ended his life. In this riveting 10-minute short Geiselman talks publicly for the first time since his tragic near-drowning.

On a maxing morning at Pipe Evan was going to pass on paddling out until he saw Andre Botha (his eventual rescuer) get a good wave. Evan walks us through everything that happened that morning including the events that helped save his life. 

“I got pretty pounded paddling out,” says Evan. “Pretty much my last memory was there was a second reefer coming in.”

The rest of Evan’s memory has been spliced together from video footage he’s seen.

Regarding the rescue and support he’s had from the community Evan said: “It’s awesome to know how much love and support everyone has for one another”



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