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Experimental video explores surfing and dance parallels



Surf Culture

Video celebrates surfing through dance movement

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 January, 2016 - Gibus de Soultrait, the co-founder of Surf Session and current editor of The Surfer’s Journal French edition, has released an experimental video essay that mixes surf and dance. 

While it’s worlds away from Taylor Steele Momentum-era punk-fueled film making, the piece does what no one has ever done before - explicitly connect surfing and dancing in a single video.

Pointing out that surfing is often compared to dancing, De Soultrait said he worked with a friend’s daughter, Ambre Damestoy, who is a lifetime dancer, asking her to dance in front of a camera. He then edited in surfing footage to see where the two forms crossed paths.

“The most important (thing) is the emotion, the poem of the mixed two arts,” said De Soultrait in an email. “This five minutes is an attempt and an offer about the love of surfing.”

To do this he edited in waves ridden by Damestoy and two good surfers: Antonin de Soultrait and Antoine Delpero.

"Our existential question can change," he said. "Not anymore ‘Where I want to go, to be?’ but more like ‘What brings us, grabs us, drives us?’ And from that,  what is the right gesture to be with the flow… as the surfer and the dancer know…”



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