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Fatal shark attack near J-Bay has town on alert


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Shark kills snorkeler: Locals suspect the shark was a Great White

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 October, 2013 : - - A swimmer has been killed by a shark while snorkelling off the South African coast, officials confirmed today. The man is believed to have been bitten in half by a four-metre long shark while swimming near Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape around 11.30am this morning.

The victim has not yet been identified, according to the National Sea Rescue Institute, which manages maritime safety. According to local reports, witnesses said the young male swimmer was near to rocks when the huge shark attacked. It was initially thought two sharks where involved as the distance between the creature's tail and dorsal fin was so large.

It was later determined to be a single shark, which locals speculate may have been a Great White. Terry Olivier paddled towards to scene in his kayak and saw the shark taking bites out of the man. Mr Olivier tried to rescue the victim by beating the shark away with his oar.

Read the full article by Natalie Evans at the Mirror

Source: The Mirror

Author: Natalie Evans

Tags: Great White Shark, Jeffreys Bay, Snorkeler

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