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FCS announces new fin tech known as NEO Glass

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri Set
FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri Set © FCS



Industry Updates 

New fins made of stiff milled fiberglass 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 August, 2014 - FCS announces the release of the state-of-the-art fin construction known as Neo Glass. Neo Glass draws on a precision moulding process and a unique combination of materials to produce a fin that delivers pro standard performance. 

In both big and small waves, Neo Glass fins will respond when you do and accelerate through every turn. In small waves the fins flex more through the tip giving them a very lively feel. In bigger conditions the flex is stored and released lower in the fin and at a slower rate, allowing the surfer to confidently push hard through a longer turn with control and finesse. 

Neo Glass fins are exclusive to the new FCS II system and are available in the Essential Series templates. The performance of Neo Glass fins can be attributed to number of key features.

Stiff Milled Fiberglass - Neo Glass fins are manufactured using 50% long strand milled fiberglass and the highest grade industrial nylon available (The same high performance Swiss Polymer used in elite automotive, electronic and marine applications). This material blend is light so it won’t compromise the natural balance of your board, has low moisture absorption, and above all is stiff, which allows you to push hard against your fins and control your turns, even in the most critical of situations.

Engineered Foils – The foils on Neo Glass fins have been specifically engineered to complement the individual fin templates so the flex is activated in the correct location on the fin. This foil consistency has a major influence on the overall performance of the fins, and you can feel confident Neo Glass will deliver the responsiveness you need at the ideal moment on a wave.

Precision Moulded – The precision moulding process ensures the geometric accuracy of the foils, flex and template on each Neo Glass fin produced. Wave after wave, turn after turn, Neo Glass fins will feel very consistent across a wide range of conditions and wave sizes. 

High Memory Recall – Memory recall refers to the speed at which the fin returns to a neutral position once the flex has been activated. Neo Glass fins possess very high memory recall, which means the material returns energy to help you accelerate quickly into a turn, and provide a burst of speed as you transition into the next turn.


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