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Victorian Junior Series crowns six champions at Jan Juc

Jan Juc action © Liam Robertson



Victorian Junior Series

Surfing Victoria
Jan Juc, Victoria Australia
9 - 10 May, 2015

Victorian Junior Series Final Round

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 May, 2015 - Jan Juc - Six divisions have been crowned in incredible waves at the final round of the Victorian Junior Series Presented by HIF at Jan Juc this weekend. Greeted with solid 4ft waves and a strong offshore breeze, competition kicked off at Jan Juc on Saturday and continued into Sunday with solid swell prevailing all weekend.
Joe van Dijk (Phillip Island) has continued his incredible run of results in the past month taking out the state title with a win at Jan Juc. Needing a win to take the state title, van Dijk monstered through the field racking up the highest wave score of the weekend (a 9 point ride) and the second highest heat total of the weekend (15.50 points).
“This has been the most exciting state title I have been part of. It’s my last year and the last event and I had to win the event to take the title” said Joe.  "I am going to do a couple of Pro Juniors for the rest of the year but focus mainly on my last year of school.”  In the final, Van Dijk placed first over Toby Bishop (Torquay), Sam Dunlop (Phillip Island) and Jay Gladman (Point Lonsdale).
The Under 18 Girls saw Rikki Bell-Warren (Bells Beach) consolidate her lead and take the state title in the solid waves at Jan Juc. Bell-Warren took out Ella Sweeney (Jan Juc) who placed in second and Izzi Rudland (Torquay) who placed in third. Emma Walker (Ocean Grove) and Bonnie Mullins (Phillip Island) finished in third and fourth.
“It was tricky out there. I wasn’t really sure where to sit, so I was just happy to get a few fun ones” said Bell-Warren. “We all free surf together, so we are all good friends and during comps it is just like any other surf.”
The Under 16 Boys division showcased some of the most exciting surfing throughout the weekend. Local Tully Wylie (Jan Juc) took the final round win at Jan Juc over Tane Bowden (Jan Juc), Billy Harrison (Barwon Heads) and Charlie Lucas (Point Leo).
However, Tane Bowden took the state title on a count back from Wylie. Both surfers tallied 3720 points across the series (best two of three results), with a count back to the third result giving Bowden the edge. The Under 16 Girls Division state title was wrapped up at the previous round with India Robinson claiming the state title.
Robinson consolidated that result with another win on the weekend to make it a perfect 3 out of 3 wins. Placing behind Robinson was Sophie Fletcher (Phillip Island) with Olivia Evans (Torquay) and Shayla Paterson (Phillip Island) in third and fourth.
Xavier Huxtable (Jan Juc) claimed his first round win for the year at his home break in the Under 14 Boys division. Max Burton (St Andrews Beach), Codie Jeffery (Phillip Island) and Ethan Huxtable finished in second, third and fourth respectively.
The Under 14 Boys State Title ended in an unbreakable tie, with both Xavier Huxtable and Codie Jeffery totalling 3720 points. Both surfers had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in their totals leading to the tie.
Arabella Wilson (Jan Juc) claimed the win at Jan Juc for the third round, which secured the state title for the young surfer. Ellie Harrison (Barwon Heads) placed second in the state title ratings. Jazz Wylie (Jan Juc) placed second in the final at the Jan Juc round, with Tess Longden (Point Lonsdale) and Ellie Harrison (Barwon Heads) in third and fourth.
The Victorian Junior Series is presented by HIF and supported by Play it Safe by the Water – Never Surf Alone, MODOM surf, Cancer Council Sunscreen and Surfing Victoria.
Round 3 Results:
Under 18 Boys
1st Joe van Dijk (Phillip Island)
2nd Toby Bishop (Torquay)
3rd Sam Dunlop (Phillip Island)
4th Jay Gladman (Point Lonsdale)
Under 18 Girls
1st Rikki Bell-Warren (Bells Beach)
2nd Ella Sweeney (Jan Juc)
3rd Izzi Rudland (Torquay)
4th Emma Walker (Ocean Grove)
5th Bonnie Mullins (Phillip Island)
Under 16 Boys
1st Tully Wylie (Jan Juc)
2nd Tane Bowden (Jan Juc)
3rd Billy Harrison (Barwon Heads)
4th Charlie Lucas (Point Leo)
Under 16 Girls
1st India Robinson (Jan Juc)
2nd Sophie Fletcher (Phillip Island)
3rd Olivia Evans (Torquay)
4th Shayla Paterson (Phillip Island)
Under 14 Boys
1st Xavier Huxtable (Jan Juc)
2nd Max Burton (St Andrews Beach)
3rd Codie Jeffery (Phillip Island)
4th Ethan Huxtable (Jan Juc)
Under 14 Girls
1st Arabella Wilson (Jan Juc)
2nd Jazz Wylie (Jan Juc)
3rd Tess Longden (Point Lonsdale)
4th Ellie Harrison (Barwon Heads)
Victorian Junior Champions:
Under 18 Boys:
1st Joe Van Dijk (Phillip Island) – 4000 pts
2nd Henry Hutchins (Barwon Heads) – 3720 pts
Under 18 Girls:
1st Rikki Bell-Warren (Bells Beach) – 4000 pts
2nd Ella Sweeney (Jan Juc) – 3440 pts
Under 16 Boys:
1st Tane Bowden (Jan Juc) – 3720 pts (Total: 5440 pts)
2nd Tully Wylie (Jan Juc) – 3720 pts (Total: 5180 pts)
Under 16 Girls:
1st India Robinson (Jan Juc) – 4000 pts
2nd Sophie Fletcher (Phillip Island) – 3440 pts
Under 14 Boys:
=1st Codie Jeffery (Phillip Island) – 3720 pts
=1st Xavier Huxtable (Jan Juc) – 3720 pts
Under 14 Girls:
1st Arabella Wilson (Jan Juc) – 4000 pts
2nd Ellie Harrison (Barwon Heads) – 3340 pts

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