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Firewire & Clarinova partner, sight on local retailers

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Partnership with Clarinova aimed to connect customers to local inventory

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 August, 2010 : - - La Jolla -- Firewire Surfboards has partnered with Clarinova Inc. to facilitate local online searches for their products in retail stores. Clarinova will work with Firewire to make sure their individual retailers are easily found in online searches, and these retailers’ inventory information is current and available online for customers to see.

“We work with high-quality retailers who will benefit tremendously from our collaborative marketing efforts,” explains Mark Price, CEO of Firewire Surfboards. “With Clarinova’s technology, we can provide a value-added service for our retailers and help guide customers to the local stores where our products are sold.”

Clarinova’s technology builds search engine optimized websites, called microsites, which are specially designed to improve local search results. These microsites feature the latest product images and promotions for a particular brand along with the retail store’s information. With Clarinova’s help, Firewire Surfboards and their retailers will benefit from co-branded microsites for each of Firewire’s retailers.

The sites will have the look and feel of the Firewire corporate site, but will also be branded with the logo of each retailer—guiding  consumers to retail stores when they search for Firewire boards locally.  These sites will tell consumers exactly which Firewire products can be found at which retail stores and even provide accurate inventory information for individual items.

Scott Yankton, President and COO of the La Jolla-based start-up Clarinova Inc., and co-founder of, explains that Clarinova’s technology will allow Firewire Surfboards to do collaborative marketing with their retailers all over the country.

“Clarinova’s technology will enable us to build co-branded microsites that combine product information and images from Firewire, along with elements from local retailers such as descriptions and pictures of the stores where Firewire boards are sold,” says Yankton. “The sites will also include a map feature so customers can easily find retail stores.”

Clarinova also promotes all of the microsites through local business directories, social media, email marketing, search engines and blogs to ensure each site is highly visible.

Yankton explains, “We are very happy to have an opportunity to work with Firewire. They are really dedicated to supporting their retail dealers. They also understand that most U.S. consumers are using search engines to research products and find out where to buy locally, and that getting in front of these consumers while they are online is one of the keys to growing sales.”

La Jolla-based Clarinova is a collaborative web marketing company working with manufacturers and retailers to grow and satisfy market demand for manufacturers’ products by creating a powerful online presence. Clarinova bridges the gap between creating a brand and making certain it is well-represented on retail websites and across the Internet.



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