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Firewire partners with Lost Surfboards for new Lost line


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Firewire partners with ...Lost Surfboards for line of boards

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 August, 2008 : - - Firewire has partnered with ...Lost surfboards offering its celebrated Future Shapes Technology in a limited range of …Lost Surfboards.

'When we started FIREWIRE, due to the complexity of our technology no one was willing or able to build the surfboards for us. As a result we had to invest in our own factories and after two years we have an amazing vertical supply chain', said CEO Mark Price.

'We recently decided to leverage that platform in a very disciplined manner and thought about which Brand would best fit with our technology and shared our view of where the surfboard market was headed.' …LOST was an obvious choice. Aside from the global strength of …LOST Surfboards and Matt Biolos’s shaping talent, Matt was an early supporter of Firewire’s technology.

“When I first saw Nev in Europe a few years back, with boards built in the Future Shapes Technology (FST), I knew it was something I wanted to get my hands on,” Said Matt Biolos, ”FIREWIRE was formed a year or so later, and brought the tech to the USA. The first thing I did was send an email ordering 300 SD-2's.

They shut me down at the time, so of course we began to berate, tease, harass and generally poke fun at them, but I’m stoked they’re now able to come through. I feel strongly that the FST (Future Shapes Tech) is a product that has viability and demand in the market. Combined with our user friendly, as well as competition level shapes and designs, it gives ...LOST a performance proven technology that we can offer to our best customers as well as our team."

“I never forgot that email”, Price continued, “but back then we could barely even build our own boards, never mind making them for anyone else. Obviously that is not the case today”.

Firewire has no plans to offer the technology to other shortboard manufacturers. “I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we believe we have the best technology in the world and that gives us a competitive edge. This collaboration gives Firewire technology the added credibility of an endorsement from one of the premier surfboard brands in the world, and cements …LOST Surfboards reputation for leadership”.

The …LOST surfboards will feature the balsa parabolic rails and sandwich construction of Firewire’s FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY and will be shown in the …LOST booth at ASR and Surf Expo. The boards will be sold through …LOST surfboard retailers in late 2008 and Spring 09.

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