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First Nordic film fest to run in October

Sweden © Jeff Flindt
Sweden © Jeff Flindt



Film Updates 

Jeff Flindt puts tgether a lineup of Nordic surf flicks 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 September, 2014 - On October the 3 & 4 the first Nordic Surf Film Festival will run at Röda Kvarn in Helsingborg. The event is put together by professional surf photographer and California expatriate Jeff Flindt. The event will bring a touch of surf culture and showcase the Nordic surf scene. 

Schedule October 3
18:00 The Old, The Young & The Sea + short movie Arctic Swell

20:15 North of the Sun  + short movies Catch It and Dark side of the Lens

Schedule October 4

18:30 Sight Sound + short movies Chasing Rumors and Valhallas Coast

20:30 Strange Rumblings + short movies Catch It and Dark side of the lens

Arctic Swell (short)
In this new clip from SmugMug and photographer Chris Burkard, he and Professional Surfers Partick Millin, Brett Barley and Chadd Konig brave sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic Circle to capture moments of raw beauty in conditions that rank among the harshest in the natural world.
SmugMug productions new clip documents the professional surfers Partick Millin, Brett Barley and Chadd Konig along with photographer Chris Burkard throwing themselves into sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic Circle in order to capture raw beauty in conditions that are to be seen as the harshest in the natural world. The price is to be payed on their minds and bodies, bitterly cold seas and wind make their impacts on them but rewards of adventure, amazement and self-knowledge draw them closer together and push them to tackle the next frontier in surfing. 
Duration: 8 min

The Old, The Young & The Sea
The Old, the Young & the Sea takes us all along on an adventurous journey on the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain and Portugal. Following the protagonists devotion to surf we get to experience their lifestyles and their search of the spirit of traveling as we cruise along with them in their very personal stories. The movie documents post -modern coastal cultures with influences coming from 1960s hippie heritage, modern surfing pop-industry and the strong which coastal inhabitants seem to have formed with Mother Nature. All sorts of ocean lovers have their eyes on a very slim stretch of land and water. Documenting this stretch the documentary captures a schematic picture of vibrant European life and surprising encounters. 
Director: Mario Hainzl
Producer: Andreas Jaritz
Co-producer & photography: Stefan Leitner
Cinematography & edit: Roman Königshofer & Harald Brettermeier 
Duration: 1 hr 30 min 
Catch It (short)
Patagonia ambassador, free surfer and nature lover Léa Brassy grew up surfing the warm waters in southern France. Living a nomadic lifestyle brought both her to the frigid waters of Lofoten, Northern Norwaywhere waters were crashing into rugged coastlines and where fishing, climbing and surfing in a thick wetsuit while snowflakes kept falling from the sky was to become her new landscape to embrace. Brassy reminds us that living simply is living fully. 
Duration: 10 minutes
Producer: Sarah Menzies, Let Media
Director:Sarah Menzies
Year: 2013
Nationality: USA
Film Sponsors: Patagonia

Dark Side Of The Lens (short)
Dark side of the lens presents the art and inner voice of Irish surf photographer Mickey Smith. Being able to surf a wave is one thing. Being able to film it is something completely different, especially when you are in the water yourself while filming. The bigger the wave, the more spectacular the images – but how does such footage come about? In Dark Side of the Lense,  Mickey Smith lets us see the world through his eyes: "I wanna see wave riding documented the way I see it in my head and the way I feel it in the sea". A profession chosen carefully gives him the opportunity to paddle-out in the cold water, observing surfers and pressing the shutter button at the right moment. He loves playing with the elements and his words go from philosophical and poetic to homely and matter of fact. The rough sea off the Irish coast combined with a Celtic voice creates a solitude and leaves us with the feeling of living in the moment.
Duration: 6 min
Director: Mickey Smith
Country:  Ireland (2010)
Language: English

North Of The Sun
North of the Sun has been spinning around on numerous film festivals and winning heaps of prices; best cinematography, best documentary, best feature length film, audience award, best exploration film…The list lingers on as the Weggebros continue to conquer film festival after film festival. North of the sun is a documentary about following the dream. An ice-cold dream where Inge Wegge (25) and Jørn Ranum (22) spend nine months of cold, Norwegian winter in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote, arctic island by the coast of Northern-Norway, facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean. There they build a cabin out of driftwood and use other cast-off materials that is being washed up on shore, and eat expired food that the stores would otherwise have thrown away. With their mindset focusing on only two items of outmost importance; their surfboards- the core to this mind-blowing arctic adventure. Well kept secrets are being revealed when we get to see them hit off to remote bays and surf some of the finest surfing waves in the world!
Duration: 46 min
Language: Norwegian
Producer: Anne Bergseng
Directors/DOP: Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum
Editor: Marta Sæverud
Sound: Jonas Kværner

Sight Sound
From the surfer-director of Picaresque, is another film without dialogue. Another group of talented individuals doing what they do best, with an eclectic soundtrack mixed-in to enhance the vibe.
Surfing is supposed to be an individual act, to elicit creativity and take place in a natural environment. It is supposed to have original and familiar moments to be elegant and raw. Surfing is not supposed to be choreographed. Surfer and board live their own lives doing what they want. Let them be seen the way they want to be seen, let them be heard through only their motions. Let them surf in climates warm and cold, on waves big and small, on boards that are long and short, in the countries near and far. Let the camera capture what it can. Let there be sight sound.
Duration: 37 min
Director: Mikey DeTemple
Genre: Documentary
Released: 2011 High Seas Films
Actors: Chris Del Moro, Justin Quintal, Kassia Meador, Alek Parker, Ryan Burch, Mikey DeTemple, Scotty Stopnik, Jared Mell, Daniel Thompson, Tyler Warren
Producers: Jay Alaimo, Chris Davis, Daniel King 

Strange Rumblings In Shrangi LA
Strange Rumblings in Shangri la takes you on an audiovisual psychedelic surf experience and is like nothing ever created before. Shot entirely in Kodak Super16 mm film and with an original soundtrack by international DJ duo The Dukes of Chutney this movie is pure toxic! The Globe team riders teleport you to well known spots in Europe onto exotic islands off the coast of Brazil and lures you to discover the deepest Indonesia. This film documents an unforgettable worldwide journey from the cold shores of Iceland to the hottest coastlines of Mozambique and leaves you with nothing less then the chance to behold their greatest adventure yet. 
Director: Joe G 
Feautring globe surf team riders: Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, Damien Hobgood, Creed Mctaggart, CJ Hobgood, Noa Deane, Brendon Gibbens.


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