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Fish, logs, alaias & single fins stock Wanda Fish Fry


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Man's passion for boards leads to Wanda Fish Fry event at Cronulla

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 August, 2012 : - - Ben DiDonato, doesn't sound familiar does it. Well, it shouldn't. I am not the best surfer on the beach, not the best shaper in the country. I am not in magazines for my adventures. I just have a hugepassion for surfing and would probably have the most fun surfingthen anyone else. I started surfing in 2006/2007 I was around 19 I think.

My room mate Caleb would make me come out and try to surf. He would make me watch surf DVD’s of the Malloy brothers, Rasta, Tudor, Knost, Donavon. It mostly consisted of Fish or “alternative” surfboards, as did Caleb’s quiver. Thats when my obsession begun!

My first board which I still have is a 5’10 Al Merrick Fish. Not the kind with the tiny swallow tail and thruster setup up. It features 2 huge keel fins, a little rocker, loads of foam and an expensive heavyglass job. From there I acquired over a dozen fishes, logs, alaia andsingle fins. Once Caleb left for greener pastures I relied on thesedvds for inspiration to continue with surfing. As all my friends wouldhardly surf because they had been doing it all they’re lives and weregetting bored. 3 years had pasted I discovered the Alley Fish Fry website anddied. I knew I needed to get up there, but it took 3 years to do it.

It was perfect Caleb had married and moved down the road from The Alley at Currumbin and we all went this year. I scored 2 boards offEden from Dead Kooks and as soon as I landed in Sydney I knewCronulla needed an event like this. I email Grant Newby from TheAlley Fish Fry and honestly thought it would be a long shot. Wetalked for 30mins or so and at the end of the call the Wanda Fish
Fry was born!

I seat here with a few weeks away from the day, it feels like Christmas is coming. Along the way when speaking with people explaining to them about the Fish Fry and that its a free event, I am always asked “whats in it for you?” My reply is mechanical at this point- “nothing”. I joke and say “I am building my shopping list for boards”. Some people still don't get it, and start telling me ways Ican make money from it. They miss the point. Its a celebration ofshapers and board riders.

Thats not to say i havent met like minded people in the last 6 months. Because of this iv met and seen thebest come out of everyone. So many people to thank for they’rehelp along the way. So Thank you ( you know who you are )

Source: Fish Fry

Author: Ben DiDonato

Tags: The Alley, Fish Fry, Cronulla, Surf Culture, Shapers

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