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Fisherman-slash-hellman-slash-everyman Hugo Vau



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Hugo Vau chases big surf around the Azores

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 June, 2014 - You may have seen the name Hugo Vau around, but you probably couldn't put a face to the name. That's because any photo you've ever seen of Hugo consists of him riding a wave bigger than your house (or apartment complex… or skyscraper). Well, this is his face and his story.

Hugo's life revolves around the ocean. He fishes for work and for fun, he surfs the aforementioned skyscrapers. It's a strange and dangerous infatuation, but Hugo explains just what pulls him to the edge.

"This and Nothing Else" is a new Friday production for Red Bull Media House. The third instalment features Hugo Vau, a Portuguese fisherman and big wave surfer living in the Azores.

This and Nothing Else is a web series of films taking a look into the lives of the unknown big wave surfer who hold down normal 9 - 5 jobs. The unsponsored men and women who pay their bills like everyone else, but make sure that they are ready for when the time comes to lay it all on the line and take on some of the most deadly waves on offer.




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