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Floating surf house idea hits Banyak Islands

The Floating Surf House in the Banyak Islands

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Room With a View: The floating house sits next to Lolok Point and Gunters in the Banyak Islands

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 November, 2012 : - - Selemat Datang, Welcome, to the Floating Surf House. Its not a Boat Trip and its not a Surf Camp. Situated in an idyllic setup deep in the Banyak Islands in North Sumatra, Indonesia, we offer a unique Surf Trip experience. The Floating Surf House is near Nias Island and has perfect waves like the best spots of Mentawai Sumatra.  Come stay on our Floating Surf House, the first of its kind, and surf perfect waves, feel the incredible beauty and the calmness of the bay, while watching your friends get barreled in front of our varanda..

The Floating Surf House is a government licensed and permitted business, and the only company in the Banyak Islands run by a local surfer, who is the first and only local surfer still at this time. We hire locals, pay taxes, and contribute to a local charity. Only 8 surfers maximum at a time.

The Floating Surf House is located in the Bay of Plenty and has access to 3 different waves that provide everything from barrels to ripable faces. There are also a few other wave options which we can take one of our speedboats to, and then maybe we'll do some fishing on the way back.

Yeah, it's a pretty special place like a paradise with green water, blue sky and perfect waves, good food and comfort... just surf eat and sleep. Why stay here? The owner is the first local surfer in the entire area. It's made by surfers and only accommodates 8 surfers max at a time. It's the first of its kind and is a truly unique surfing experience.

There are two rooms for 2 and a large room for 4 guests. We have a cook and a full kitchen/bar where fresh local style meals will be prepared to order. Tunes, comfy chairs, hammocks and cold beers are all waiting for you after a bunch of barrels. The Banyak Islands await you!

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