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FMG rider Marlon Lipke subject of Fuel TV documentary



Marlon LIpke and Marc Lacomare : photos Daniel Moreira & Timo Jarvinen

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Marc Lacomare on cover of Surf Europe

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 July, 2009 : - - Hossegor -- FMG surfer Marlon Lipke, the first German surfer on the ASP World Tour, is to be the subject of a new documentary from Friday Productions, to air on international TV networks in 2009. FUEL TV in the United States will be the first TV station to premiere the show.

FUEL TV airing dates: July 13th 2009 – 9:30pm ET/PT /// July 15th 2009 – 3:30am ET (12:30am PT) /// July 30th 2009 – 8:00pm ET / PT

August 1st 2009 – 10:00am ET (7:00am PT) /// August 9th 2009 – 4:00pm ET (1:00pm PT) /// August 10th 2009 – 9:30pm ET / PT /// August 12th 2009 – 3:30am ET (12:30am PT) /// August 14th 2009 – 1:00am ET (10:00pm PT) /// August 26th 2009 – 9:30pm ET (6:30pm PT) /// August 27th 2009 – 6:30pm ET (3:30pm PT) -

Friday Productions recently completed the half hour TV show after filming with Marlon during 2008, the year he clinched his World Tour qualification spot. The film includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Marlon as he slogged it out on the grueling World Qualifying Series. Check out the teaser here:

Lipke’s story is unique ... He is the first German national to compete amongst the 45 best surfers in the world. For the surfing world this marks an historic moment for the sport, and has big strategic benefits with the German market becoming more and more important.

“It’s funny because I really liked the idea of a documentary at first”, says Marlon. “Only after a while I realized how hard it is to be filmed from sunrise to sun-down and beyond, especially during the tough times, when you are down, and the last thing you want is someone sticking a camera in your face asking questions. But that’s the important thing... and that’s what makes it interesting.”

FUEL TV, the world’s biggest action sports channel and seen in over 30 million US homes, also airs in Australia, the Caribbean, South Africa, South America, Central America, Italy and Portugal. Stay tuned for other European airing dates.

Marlon Lipke is sponsored by Hurley, X-Markets Deutsche Bank, Vans, Oakley, Nixon, Gorilla, Planet Sports, Semente Surfboards and

Marc Lacomare featured on cover of Surf Europe #67

FMG surfer Marc Lacomare, also featured in Marlon’s documentary, graces the cover of Surf Europe’s 67th issue, currently available on news stands. If you want to know more about the young kid from Hossegor, France, check out his interviews in issue 68 of Surf Europe and issue 43 of Beachbrother, both on news stands end of July 2009.

Marc Lacomare came in at number 7 in Surfline’s Top 20 Under 20 and was voted best European in the Surfer Hot 100 Juniors. His 2009 best results were a third place at the Billabong World Junior Championships in January, a third at the Protest Vendée Pro and a win at the first Pro Junior of the season in Portugal. Marc is off to San Sebastian soon to defend his title at the Vans Pro Junior, which takes place from July 23rd to 26th.

Marc Lacomare is sponsored by DC, Oakley, Monster Energy, Channel Islands Surfboards, FCS and Bidonvilla Sushibar.  FMG (Friday Management Group) is an action sports athlete management company, with a focus on quality before quantity.

FMG’s goal is to provide its clients the necessary support and guidance to help them develop and maximize their careers. FMG is founded on the principles of commitment, forging long-term relationships and a ‘nothing-is-impossible’ attitude. The company is formed by independent sports TV production specialists, Friday.

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