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French youngsters shine in Crevettes Tour Hurricane Dimanche

Young Landais competitors © Surfing Landes





Crevettes Tour Hurricane Dimanche

Landes, France
1 June, 2014

French groms wrap up Crevettes Tour in Landes | French

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 June, 2014 - Last weekend, young Landais surfers flocked the beach for the chance to win points for the selection of the Aquitaine Championships.

Sunday, June 1st, was a beautiful sunny day and over 70 surfers  competed in the small and windy conditions. The winners were rewarded with grab bags with Hurricane accessories and EVOA sunscreens.

The EVOA products are 100% eco-friendly and the only sunscreen to-date that doesn't harm coral reefs.

Full Results can be seen on the Surfing Landes website

Podium Benjamins:

# 1 Tony Nunez (Cabretón SC)

# 2 Noa Dupouy (Capbreton SC)

# 3 Sam Piter (Lou Surfou)

# 4 Nolan Poirier (Capbreton SC)

Podium Minimes:

# 1 Maxime Dos Anjos (Capbreton SC)

# 2 Justin Bécret (Capbreton SC)

# 3 Kilian God (Capbreton SC)

# 4 Leo Desbons (Hosegor SC)

Podium Cadets:

# 1 Jonas Bachan (Hossegor SC)

# 2 Mattia Poirier (Hossegor SC)

# 3 Florian Grenard (Capbreton SC)

# 4 Maixent Dudézert (Hossegor SC)

Podium Undines minimal:

# 1 Jade Magnien (Capbreton SC)

# 2 Hina Conradi (Capbreton SC)

# 3 Clara Polliand (Capbreton SC)

# 4 Iona Mazoyer (Hossegor SC)

# 5 Luna Ledun (Soustons SC)

Podium Undines cadets:

# 1 Jade Dubut (Hossegor SC)

# 2 Charlotte Fraile (Old Boucau SC)

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