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Future Fins rider Pancho Sullivan finishes year rated #7


Pancho Sullivan : photo Rowland/ASP Covered Images

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Future Fins’ team rider and WCT surfer Pancho Sullivan finishes 7th overall in the 2007 WCT ratings

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 January, 2008 : - - Huntington Beach, Ca – Labeled as one of the world’s most powerful surfers, Pancho Sullivan has proved that he is also nimble and agile in small surf.  He displayed his surfing versatility by placing 2nd in the WCT Lowers contest, which fueled his forward momentum for the rest of the year. 

Again, being in another final and placing 3rd at the Pipe Masters with an overall 7th place finish for 2007, Pancho has proved to the surfing world that he is here to stay. Knowing that he has a solid system under his feet, Pancho Sullivan is prepared for the 2008 WCT season.

Future Fins is dedicated to creating high-tech fins for all surfers, from groms like John John to the heavier surfers like Pancho Sullivan, there are fins for every surfer in-between.   For all you heavier surfers out there, look out for Pancho’s signature fin, which will be released in the beginning of spring ‘08.

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