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Future Fins unveils Ride Number performance scale





Board Design

Future Fins new proprietary fin scale changes the way you approach fin selection

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 June, 2015 - Huntington Beach, California -After close to 18 months of beta-testing and engineering development, Futures Fins is proud to announce Ride Number, a new proprietary fin performance scale.

How does it feel? This is a question often asked when evaluating new equipment or making a new purchase. The Ride Number answers that, and provides surfers with the proper relationship between two or more fin sets, to enable any surfer to dial in their fin quiver.


Working with two extremes, Speed Control and Speed Generating, Ride Number charts the complete Futures range of Thrusters, Quads and 5-Fin sets individually on a scale from 1 to 10. The closer you get to 1, the more solid, engaged and predictable your board will feel to help control speed. The closer you get to 10, the more springy, fluid and responsive your board will feel to help generate speed. Fins with a Ride Number around 5 feel balanced and do not add any premium feelings to your board - they let your board's original character shine.

"We are excited about how easily the Ride Number is enabling surfers to take control over how their board feels. It is as simple as selecting your weight range and then just deciding how much Speed Generation versus Speed Control you want to feel," says John Griffin, CEO of Futures. "Picking the right feel sets you up to get the most performance and enjoyment out of your equipment." - Vince Longo Founder/Owner


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