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Garrett McNamara dons security hat

Garrett McNamara © Praia do Norte

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The waves of Praia do Norte Nazare hold mystique

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 December, 2012 : - -  For him it was love at first sight. The American Garrett McNamara, holder of the Guinness record for the largest wave ever surfed, was the first international athlete of big waves to discover Praia do Norte. Now he's back to Nazaré to ensure the safety of the first edition of the Red Bull Mito - assuming the role of Head of Water Security.

Garrett McNamara has won his place in history when he rode last year a giant wave of 78 feet. The feat was achieved in Portugal, more specifically in Praia do Norte - a wild beach located in Nazaré, and assured the American full recognition. All his impressive know-how is now serving Red Bull Mito, where the 46 years old surfer is responsible for the safety of the athletes in the water:

How do you feel being the Head of Water Security?
GARRETT MCNAMARA: It is going to be a huge responsibility that will take a lot of preparation and team work.

Can Praia do Norte in Nazaré become a new Mecca for big wave surfing?
GARRETT MCNAMARA: It already is! There are hundreds of people on the cliffs watching whenever there are waves. Way more than at any other beach. Nazaré is the best place in the world I have ever found to watch big waves, with so much beauty all around. Whether you surf or not it is absolutely amazing. Just to sit on the cliff and feel the energy. Its one of the eight wonders of the world.

How can you ensure that an athlete is ready to face these extreme conditions?
GARRETT MCNAMARA: There is really no way to ensure that an athlete is ready. It is up to the athlete himself to know if he is ready and feels comfortable when the day comes.

Do we have to worry about the safety of the athletes?
GARRETT MCNAMARA: No you don’t but I do!!! 

Among the invited athletes who can be more at ease in Nazaré?
GARRETT MCNAMARA: I think they all have a good chance of success, if they bring the right boards! Everything will depend on the waves we have. Just looking for their experience, maybe Ross Clarke-Jones, Tom Carroll and Carlos Burle, Ramón are the ones who may already feel more comfortable in these waters, but in this kind of competition there are so many variables that it is difficult to talk about favourites. Andrew Cotton and Al Mennie definitely have an edge because they know the break very well.

Source: Praia do Norte

Author: Vitor Estrelinha/Jorge Leal_Nazaré Qualifica

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