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Gary 'KONG' Elkerton launches his book today

Gary Elkerton, Hawaii © Joli 

Book Launchings

Kong: The Life and Times of a Surfing Legend

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 November, 2012 : - - Gary Elkerton was the first ever non-Hawaiian to win the prestigious Triple Crown Of Surfing. Kong went onto win the Triple Crown twice and runner up to the World Title 3 times, some say he deserved to have won those titles.

In 2000, Elkerton at last claimed a World Title by beating many of his career rivals in the World Masters contest in Lafetania, France. He defended his World Title successfully in ’01 (Bundoran, Ireland) and ’03 (Makaha, Oahu, Hawaii).

Gary proved to himself and his critics that the days of daydream wall poster surfing were worth every wave. He was  inducted into the Sunshine Coast Sporting Hall of Fame in 2006 and the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame in 2009

With a subtle dig at the ASP, and a in-depth look into his life as a Pro Surfer, Gary together with Peter McGuinness tells Kong's story. The book is launching at Mooloolaba's Wharf Tavern today from 7pm and again tomorrow 24th November, 2012..


                                        Gary 'Kong' Elkerton and family © TradewindSurfing

As reported in local journals today Elko announced he was hospitalised in Hawaii in 1985 after overdosing on recreational drugs when he was 21. 'If it wasn't for mates who looked after me, it would have been dramatic, ' he said. 'Paul Pascoe and Mick Hopper of Hayden Surfcraft saved my life, they pulled me into line, got me training (Zen do Kai). I had my problems in 1985.'

'If the ASP had used WADA testing a long time ago, it would have forced surfers to make a choice and would have put the sport on a better track,' says Elko. 'I hope it changes. It will make it a lot more professional than it is. Corporates from outside the surf industry won't look at the sport unless they know it's clean.'

He says that after the ASP announced last year that it would introduce WADA testing to the 2012 tour little had been done. 'It's all talk, but it will change. I'm confident the new management will make change for the better' he said.

Outside of surfing ,Gary loved to party, and his sponsors at the time, exploited this in their marketing of boardshorts and t-shirts. ......

But deep within the beast, was a yearning to win, and win he did..




Kong: The Life and Times of a Surfing Legend

A no-holds barred memoir by Gary 'Kong' Elkerton: champion surfer, world class party animal, and, in his own words, 'a half-mad ball of pure aggression'. In the world of pro-surfing, personalities don't come any bigger than Gary 'Kong' Elkerton. Born in Ballina and brought up on a prawn trawler, Gary took to surfing when school, discipline and other conventions failed him. Cutting a swathe through the industry, living the life, getting the girls, taking the drugs...

It all added up to a very good time until he woke up one day and found his nickname and reputation had become the 100-pound gorilla on his back, one which it was going to be very tough to rid himself of. What do you do when everything around you, including the industry you're in, encourages your bad behaviour and then punishes you for it? An eye-opening wild ride and a great Australian story. In the world of pro-surfing, personalities don't come any bigger than Gary 'Kong' Elkerton.

Kong: The Life and Times of a Surfing Legend may be purchased online at ABC Books

About the Author
Gary ‘Kong’ Elkerton grew up on a prawn trawler where he developed a healthy disregard for the terrors of the ocean. As a youngster, thinking of ways to get out of going to school, he hit on surfing. It was an ideal life for him as it included partying hard, taking any amount of drugs and drink which was put in front of him, chatting up girls and generally running into trouble.

Luckily he had talent. One of Australian surfing's living legends, a Hall of Fame inductee, one of the Top Five contenders in the heady days of pro surfing in the '80s and '90s, three times ASP 2nd World Title runner up, Kong is also multiple Hawaiian Triple Crown champion and three times reigning undefeated ASP World Masters Champion. He is renowned for his muscular style which has unnerved giants including Michael Ho and Kelly Slater.

Source: FCC/ABC Books

Author: The Editors

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