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German-in-Portugal Nic Von Rupp rips

Nic Von Rupp in Indonesia © João Rito

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I'm Okay, Eur-Okay: Nic Von Rupp rifles through some amazing waves

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 November, 2012 : - - From the Pipeline-esque beachies of Europe to the playful ramps of Indonesia, German-born goofyfoot Nic Von Rupp tears into a variety of waves during his Innersection clip. Filmmaker João Rito followed Nic around the world and gathered some fine pieces for this latest edit. In this video you'll find some thumping Portugal, Indonesian perfection and a few surprises.

Source: Innersection

Author: The Editors

Tags: Portugal, Germany, Innersection, Nic Von Rupp

Video: Surfersvillage


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