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App allows surfers to share their sessions rethink the way technology can improve the board-sport experience​



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 Glassy currently has more than 5k spots around the world

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 June, 2014 - Glassy offers a mobile application where surfers are able to create a social profile through which they can track, measure, evaluate and share their surf sessions on the app and through Facebook & Twitter. This allows the surfer to access the history of their sessions with the purpose of improving their performance for experienced surfers and allow beginners to observe tangible proof of their evolution.

Along with our increasing user base, there are more than 5k spots around the world created by the own surfers and validated by our team.

Users can find the perfect spot through filters; they can also save their favorite spots and create personalized notifications on the phone. The notifications will tell the user when their preferred spots are in their ideal condition (swell height, swell direction, period, wind direction).

We are continuously working to find ways to further improve the surfer’s experience. On our hardware side we are developing a device that the surfers would wear and automatically track each session. The mobile app and the hardware are designed to complement each other. The device and the phone will be in constant communication offering all the information surfers need while they are in the line-up. More info about novelties specially on the hardware side are still to come.

Ana Gloria Rebolledo

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