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Global cross-cultural surf event planned for Bali

Easkey Britton selfie from the upcoming 'Into the Sea' project filmed near Chabahar in Iran



Surf Culture

Let's Make Waves event seeks sustainable surf future

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 May, 2014 - Let’s Make Waves is a collective of sea people working together to create an environment to foster the cross-cultural exchange of experiences and ideas through surfing. Our vision is to create a global surfing community and social network linking people across sectors, from business, the surf industry, non-profit and civil society. Together, through connecting our actions, we can create sustainable, positive social and environmental change.

We invite you to join and support our first Let’s Make Waves gathering in Bali this July 19-20th. The event has several interlinked activities to help build connections and co-create solutions for sustainable surfing futures; i) an international surf and development unconvention, ii) cross-sectoral networking and resource-pooling, iii) an action workshop addressing a specific issue within surfing.

The heart of Let’s Make Waves is to bring those with a shared vision together, connectiong our actions and efforts for a sustainable surfing future. 

Let’s Make Waves: Celebrate the creative power of the ocean to connect and bring about positive change

A Liquid Future - Waves of Freedom collaboration with Beyond the Surface International and Salt Gypsy.

Location: The Cashew Tree, Bingin, Bali.

Date: 19 - 20th July 2014, Bali


July 19th Surf and Development ‘Meeting of the Minds’ at The Cashew Tree, Bingin

This international surf and development unconvention is a participant-driven event that brings together people across sectors, from business, the surf industry, surf non-profit organisations and civil society. The aim is to raise awareness of who is out there doing what, where and how, sharing knowledge, ideas, practices and experience to develop beneficial partnerships and new ways of effecting change through collaborating. Key topics for discussion may include:
·       Bridging the gaps – knowledge, resources, skills & training needs.
·       Connectivity – importance of community and connection
·       Co-creating solutions and scaling impact
·       Sustaining the stoke – sustainable surfing futures
·       Let’s Make Waves 2015 – Envisioning a better future
Details of venue and participating surf non-profits, speakers, presentations and panel-sessions coming soon.
July 20th ‘Girls Make Waves’ Surf Day, Bingin surf beach

To encourage the participation of women and girls across Indonesia and the world, from complete beginners to skilled professionals.

In recognition of the positive impact surfing and the ocean can give to women, this year’s action-day will address gender engagement and women's empowerment through surfing with our ‘Girls Make Waves’ action day.  Connecting with inspiring local and international female role models, sharing their message and stories, we open the doors for new possibilities.

·       Unleash your potential  -  ‘Bikinis in Barrels’ barrel-riding clinic with Salt Gypsy

·       Female-led beginner surf lessons for girls

·       A beachside workshop series in a beautiful and safe space to share our challenges, opportunities and vision including:

-        Introduction to surf – beginner lessons with experienced, professional female athlete

-        Guest talks from professional, everyday and local surfers, sharing their stories

-        Health and wellbeing – the physical and mental benefits of surfing

-        Staying connected – building cross-cultural support networks

 ·  After party to get your groove on and deepen new friendships! 

Please note: As all the activities during the ‘Girls Makes Waves’ event are offered for a non-set fee, we ask participants to make a donation based solely on their ability to pay. For more information and to register for the event contact: Easkey Britton |email: info @ |

Seeking sponsorship for Let’s Make Waves. To be get involved with the first ever World Surf & Development Unconvention for sustainable global solutions and to support the Girls Make Waves Day contact: Cindy Kan (event co-organiser)| email: kancindy @ | skype: yescindykan 
100% of profits will go direct to supporting the Let’s Make Waves program and its partner non-profits, a scalable collaborative surf and development initiative across cultures and countries.

Easkey Britton is an internationally renowned professional surfer from Ireland and Creative Leadership participant at THNK ( Her parents taught her to surf when she was four years old and her life has revolved around surfing ever since. She is Ireland’s five-time National Surfing Champion and Global Billabong XXL big-wave nominee

In 2013, Easkey co-founded Waves of Freedom. The initiative is founded on the belief in surfing as a powerful medium for creating positive social impact and empowerment, especially for more vulnerable groups like young people and women in places where it is not always easy to follow your passion.  In 2013, Easkey made a ground-breaking journey to Iran to introduce the sport of surfing to women and local communities which is the feature of a documentary, Into the Sea, to be released later this year. It is Easkey's passion for the ocean that set her on this path.

Lizzie Murray, Founder, A Liquid Future (

“Positive change has its foundation in collaboration, the sharing of knowledge on all sides.”

Lizzie Murray set out to share her love of water and sport through surfing and swimming with the local girls and women of the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.  A location where surfing has impacted over the last several decades, the local communities are yet to play an active role or benefit from these changes due to lack of skills.  On spending time living with a community Lizzie was inspired to respond to their wants and needs by alone setting up A Liquid Future – a non-profit organisation providing free educational programmes in English, and Swimming and Surfing predominantly for girls.  Now entering its third year, the majority of children and some adults can hold a basic conversation in English.  The first three girls ever from the region can surf and many more are now learning.

Lizzie believes sustainable solutions lie in communication and collaboration, with the art of surfing having an innate quality to let us connect to ourselves and therefore each other and our environment in the truest sense, bringing down barriers and boundaries. 

Emi Koch, Beyond the Surface International,

In 2009, Emi Koch founded Beyond the Surface International in support of unlikely surfers. Emi's goal was to establish a global network of surfing organizations and initiatives for the young people coming from conflict zones, impoverished villages, "the streets" and challenging backgrounds who have taken to surfing as a tool for self-expression, freedom, and fun. Beyond the Surface International's mission is to ensure that nothing will hinder their talents, passions, and skills. Emi is a recent Georgetown University graduate in Psychology with focuses in Anthropology and Justice and Peace Studies. Her life goal is to ensure that no child grows up feeling insignificant or excluded from global dialogues and to create safe spaces (virtual and physical) for self-expression to be nurtured and encouraged. Emi is a California native and also enjoys papayas with lime and the occasional epic sweater." 
Beyond the Surface International is a (BTSI) is a 501(c)(3) San Diego-based nonprofit platform for youth empowerment projects using surfing and creative-learning initiatives as innovative mediums for positive social change. BTSI engages youth in marginalized communities worldwide through unconventional mediums such as surfing, art, farming, photography, skateboarding, football, rock climbing, breakdancing etc. BTSI develops safe space learning environments where youth can enjoy the freedom to explore their talents, interests and capabilities. BTSI facilitates innovative learning projects utilizing a free-progress education model to empower individuals to question socio-cultural norms and be courageous agents of change in their communities and beyond.

Danny Clayton, founder of Salt Gypsy (

What began life on a surfari charter boat in the Indian Ocean in 2011, has evolved into Salt Gypsy – bespoke surfwear and curated style in the lineup. Danny lives and breathes a surf lifestyle. Frustrated with the lack of style in female surf wear, she set out to showcase and promote the independent surfwear designers, mostly female surfers themselves, creating super fly gear for us to wear in the line-up. Working three seasons on the Maldives as a surf guide, 2 years prior to that as a sales rep for Billabong NZ, and combine it with a degree in Design, and you get the indie surf brand you see today. Throw in the fact that Danny has a congenital heart arrhythmia that can cause sudden death (Prolonged QT Syndrome) and you start to get an idea of why she does what she does and how she does it. Surfing with Salt Gypsy – It’s rad, it’s diverse and it’s authentic.


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