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Global Odyssi shares free First Aid Kit manual on iTunes



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Surfer First Aid Kits manual now available on iTunes

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 April, 2014 - Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kits were developed specifically for surfers by surfers for extreme surf travel. The Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kits include a comprehensive treatment manual and supplies to keep surfers safe and back in the water catching waves.

They currently offer two types of kits, The Original and The Nomad (added supplies and essentials for extreme surf trips).

Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kits now have their signature Surfers First Aid Manual FREE on iTunes. Global Odyssi wanted to make sure everyone was able to have this manual whether they purchased a kit from them or not. "We feel it's in our job description to provide surfing related first aid knowledge to everyone and this was the perfect way to make that contribution to the surfing community," says Global Odyssi Owner and Founder, Curt Johnson.

The Global Odyssi First Aid Manual is a comprehensive Medical Doctor approved guide that covers a variety of injuries, from reef cuts, ocean bites and stings to fractures, wounds and signs of infection, a definite for extreme surf travel. Always good to have with you no matter where you surf. Keeps you safe, keeps you surfing.

Download the manual from this link or search "Global Odyssi Manual" on iTunes.

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