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Global Surf Industries expands its global distribution


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Global Surf Industries now truly Global

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 January, 2006 : - - Global Surf Industries today unveiled their updated distributor line up for 2006. Until recently GSI operated only in the US and Australia but demand for their brands of surfboards from surfers around the world has seen the ramp up on the distributor front bought forward.

With Distributors now in place in South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Israel. With sales directly to stores in 10 other countries. GSI’s portfolio of brands currently stands are 10, these brands range from entry level softboards all the way through to high performance short and longboards designs by the some of the worlds best surfboard designers.

The range also encompasses a number of new and traditional technologies. “The level of professionalism at retail end of the surf industry worldwide has been increasing because of the demands of the consumer. In the hardgoods sector there is a definite trend from ‘wannabee’ brand wearers to people who want to make the transition and get into surfing as a pastime.

For decades boards haven’t been part of the retail equation for a number of reasons but times have changed. I believe that we have been successful because we offer a full retail orientated surfboard program that allows the retailers, no matter what country they are in, to give more space to boards because it is worth it” said President and Managing Director Mark Kelly.

He added “Our entire program has more or less been written by our retailers, their needs are our guiding light. The way we see it is that if we can make our customers happy then they can make their customers happy, the really fantastic opportunity that we have in front of us is to make sure we do this over the long term”.

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