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GMac recaps Nazare season so far

Garrett McNamara paddle session © Zon North Canyon

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Zon North Canyon Show by Garrett McNamara

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 December, 2012 : - - Garrett is officially back home in Hawaii after ending an eventful two months ( October / November 2012) of the third edition of the ZON North Canyon Show. This year’s exploration had world renowned guest appearances, the biggest wipeouts ever, another gigantic swell and a wedding.

•      Kelly Slater and Evan Geislman came for an evening session at Praia do Norte. 

•      Joel Parkinson and family came and spent a day in Nazare. Parko met up with Garrett at the harbor and got towed in for a few hours.
•      A giant swell hit with both Garrett and Cotty catching huge waves that were entered into the Billabong XXL
•      Martin Stepanek, came and gave Garrett an Cotty the Waterman’s Survival course and tripled their breath hold time.
•      Another giant swell hit and after towing for 6 hours Garrett had the paddle wipeout of the century getting sucked over the falls on the biggest wave of the day.
•      The lighthouse, built in 1577, was opened for the first time ever to the general public for the two months of McNamara’s visit.
•      Garrett and the love of his life Nicole were married on Thanksgiving day.
The ZON North Canyon project has been very successful in reaching the world to showcase the biggest waves in the world and the culture and lifestyle of Nazaré, Portugal. “ I had no expectation my first year and what I found was a home away from home and world class waves with no one on them. I am honored to have been adopted by the Portuguese people and looking forward to returning for years to come,” conclude Garrett McNamara.

This year’s project couldn’t have happened without the support of ZON, who is looking to launch in the extreme sports arena. The three years of success are owed to the heart and soul of Nazaré Qualifica and Câmara Municipal da Nazaré, as well as the crew that made miracles happen.

Source: Press Nazare

Author: Maria João Leite

Tags: Praia do Norte, Portugal, Nazare, Garrett McNamara

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