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Goldcoast & Zurick launch capsule collection



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Salt Lake City Based Brands Team Up For 'Carnales'

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 August, 2014 - Salt Lake City - Simultaneously smooth and sharp, the “Carnales” collaboration between GoldCoast and Zuriick Shoes is inspired by hunting adventure. Conceived over a conversation about the bonding power of travel with friends, artist Dan Christofferson, who did the graphics for the collection, referred to a Chinese proverb that said, “When hunting tigers, one needs help from a blood brother.” GoldCoast’s Designer, Dustin Ortiz said, “Everyone at the table looked at each other and we knew that was going to be the theme of the collection.”

So the Carnales collaboration was born. Feeding off the the spirit of camaraderie of going into the unknown and coming out more connected, the GoldCoast and Zuriick crews spent a week in the badlands of the American Southwest skating, rallying bikes, and getting wild. The perfect way for the two groups' personalities to mesh together. 

GoldCoast created the Carnales 32.375” cruiser with a real Walnut veneer and featuring a special version of their 60mm Cherry Bombs wheels colored the same signature purple as the soles of Zuriick's casual shoes.

Chris Brunstetter, GoldCoast’s Marketing Director says, “This collaboration is the product of a group of really talented people, sharing an awesome experience, and doing it as friends first, business people second.” 



Chris Brunstetter

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