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Good fun at New England Longboard Classic

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New England Longboard Classic

Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts
7 June 2015

Competitors enjoy fun waves, but brisk conditions at New England Longboard Classic

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 June, 2015 - Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts - While the water and air temperatures were icy cold, the performances were hot, at the 2015 edition of what has now become a New England ritual in local surfing circles. It turned out that Massachusetts Competition Director Chick Frodigh’s initial concern that the surf would all but disappear at high tide, was unfounded. The onshore winds picked up in the early afternoon, pushing in ridable surf right through the tides.

Several contests were hotly contested, and offered spectators some exciting surfing. The Masters was one of those. It featured a battle of two ESA veteran competitors, Kevin Roy and Kai Holtbakk. And it came down to probably the best wave of the contest, to decide the outcome. It was tied going into the last five minutes of the heat, when what looked like a perfect left peak popped up on the horizon.


Roy had the position, and was paddling into it, when the section backed off. Kai who was positioned on the inside, swung around and grabbed it. Knowing this was the winning wave, Holtbakk worked it into the beach, and taking the title over Roy.

In the women’s ranks, the tough contest was the Senior Women’s final, which saw two of the ESA’s legendary female riders match each other’s right and lefts to the last minute. Glidden took the heat with the last wave, on a stylish switch foot, edging out Medelise Reifsteck.

2015 ESA Northeast Regionals finalist, Jamie Kelly showed why he rips, as he dominated the Men’s division, carving up several left sections to top Charlie Frodigh for the title. The Boys final was a contest between the ESA’s two top riders, Dylan Holtbakk and Jayden Parry. Dylan’s persistence in finding a ridable peak, paid off when he grabbed a left that put him into the top spot.

The popularity of stand-up paddleboard surfing was evident, by the expansion of the divisions and elevated quality of riding. The finals were held in onshore winds, making it more difficult for competitors, but providing some exciting wipe-outs for spectators. Local SUP-rider, Bob Fenton edged out Gabe Caitani for the Men’s Under 50 title, while Weir Lundstedt topped the Over 50 division. Area Nantasket female SUP-er, Stacey McLoughlin grabbed the best wave and the win over Sarah Procaccini in the Open Famale division.

Regionals and East Coast finalist, Pat Redmond continued to reign undefeated, as he “el rollo-ed” his way to an easy victory in the Open Bodyboard final.

Contestants were treated to an after-party at Daddy’s Beach Club which featured free pizza, prizes, and a great performance from the Dave Foley Band.

The next scheduled ESA contest will take place at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island on July 11th.

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