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Grain Surfboards opens 2nd workshop location in New York



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Grain Surfboards are built like boats made from the ground up 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 April, 2016 - Grain Surfboards announces the opening of a new woodworking shop where anyone of any age can build their own wood surfboard under the guidance of experienced craftsmen.

The new location is in Amagansett Village, outside of Montauk, New York on the East End of Long Island. Over the last decade, Grain has taught many hundreds of people - both surfers and non-surfers - to build their own surfboards, and now with the exciting addition of Brian Schopfer and Patrick Fleury to the crew at Grain-NY, the experience will be available to hundreds more living in and around the New York metropolitan area. 

Grain Surfboards are built like boats - made from the ground up instead of carved from foam - so the process of building them is pleasant and filled with the sound of hand-tools whisking shavings from soft, scented cedar wood as the board comes into shape over a short three or four-day workshop. 

But wood surfboards are nowhere near as complex to build as boats and, with their years of experience, Grain Surfboards has developed methods that make it easy to understand what to do and how to do it, with excellent and attentive instruction that gives room for students to discover, but never leaves them hanging.

The opening of Grain-NY marks a new chapter for Grain Surfboards, and is an unprecedented expansion casually referred to as a "Stoke Expansion Plan" in a recent blog post on the Grain Surfboards website.  "These workshops are personal to us - the process of making your own surfboard is just too rewarding not to share," said Grain-NY manager Brian Schopfer, "and having Montauk's world class breaks - Surfer Magazine's number eight 'Best Surf Town in the US' - just up the road doesn't hurt, either."

Grain workshops have appealed to kids as young as twelve years old, to parent/child teams, newlyweds on honeymoon, retirees, decompressing business-people, neurosurgeons, drop-outs, those with no woodworking experience, and expert cabinetmakers. 

Ideal for corporate team-building, specialized workshops have been developed for design departments and executives looking for inspiring activities around which to pull their departments together with a customizable and memorable team experience

With classes traditionally held in the York Maine shop and, in recent years, on the road using specialized truck and trailer rigs on both coasts, Grain's shown a dedication to bringing the experience to as many surfers as they can.

Tuition always includes all the materials and supplies needed to build the boards, two meals a day, instruction, some laughs, and time with like-minded people who generally help and support each other throughout the course. 

Each student leaves with a completed surfboard ready for glass, and all the glassing materials and supplied needed.  Some  students leave their boards for Grain Surfboards to glass, others - made confident by glassing demonstrations and the extensive instructions provided - glass it at home.

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