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Gray & Vallenti win Xpreshon BWWT Oregon event

Alex Gray © Body Glove



Dive N' Surf Oregon Pro

XPreshon Big Wave World Tour
Nelscott Reef, Oregon USA
12 March 2014

Check the Live Action

Alex Gray nails a perfect 10, Bianca Vallenti takes Superheat

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 March, 2014 - Lincoln City, Oregon - Body Glove and Dive N’ Surf team rider, Alex Gray, dominates the Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro on the Xpression Big Wave World Tour. Bianca Vallenti won the women’s super heat with Shawn Dollar and Andrea Moller winning second respectively.

The Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro was broadcast live in HD through multiple webcasts around the world and on Universal Sports television. Sponsors included Body Glove Surge, Redondo Beach Board of Toursim, and American Wave Machines.

“Dive N’ Surf came in at the last second and saved this contest. It’s a funny coincidence because Body Glove was my first sponsor at age 11 and this was my first time putting on a jersey in the Big Wave World Tour,” states Alex Gray. “It was such a great motivator coming in after each heat and getting a high from Robbie Meistrell and the rest of the Body Glove family (Cheyne Magnusson, Tracey Meistrell and Scott Smith) who were all there to support me.”

“My first experience in the Big Wave World Tour couldn’t have started any better because my initial heat was with some of my favorite surfers. It’s an honor to compete against my heroes, so I just went out there tried my best. Right before the final my fin broke on the jetski so I had to use my back-up board at the last second. At first, I was a little rattled but that day had already been one of the best days of my life and at that point it didn’t matter to me what place I took.”

Alex Gray © Richard Hallman

Alex continues, “The final was unlike any contest I have ever experienced. All the guys were rooting each other on after each wave and it was hands down the most fun contest I have ever been a part of. I would like to dedicate this win to my brother Chris Gray, Bill and Bob Meistrell, Jimmy Miller, and Kirk McNulty.”

“Wednesday was an epic event with excellent waves, we couldn't have asked for better conditions. Everyone worked as a team, the surfers looked out for one another and the water patrol did an excellent job of keeping our competitors safe.” Gary Linden of The Big Wave World Tour.

“Body Glove and Dive N’ Surf are very proud of Alex on his win today and we want to congratulate all the surfers involved in this successful event,” states Robbie Meistrell, CEO of Body Glove International. “I have personally known Alex since he was a little grom and I always knew he was destined for big things. It’s great to be able to watch him grow as a surfer and as a person.”

Alex split the $12,000 prize purse with his fellow finalists stating, “For me it’s never about the money.” By capturing the win Alex guarantees himself a spot on the ASP Big Wave World Tournext year.


Men’s event

Alex Gray
Shawn Dollar
Grant Baker
Kohl Christensen
Will Skudin
Anthony Tashnick

Women’s Superheat

Bianca Vallenti
Andrea Moller
Keala Kennelly
JAmila Star
Savannah Shaughnessy
Paige Alms
Wrenna Delgado

The Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro HD webcast can be seen on: The Xpreshon App for Windows 8 and Xbox Live. 

Officially named Tacklebuster Reef, but more commonly referred to as Nelscott Reef, is one of the Pacific NW's hidden gems.  Located a half mile out to sea in Lincoln City, Oregon, just up the beach from Spanish Head. It is a high performance big wave with both rights and lefts, but predominantly rights when it’s really big. The wave is protected by miles of beach break surf that is mostly impassable when the swells are big enough for the reef to break.

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