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A great white shark's favorite tune? 'Back in Black'

Great white © Wiki/Shark Diver


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Great white sharks attracted by AC/DC hits

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 June, 2011 : - - Australian scientists are claiming great white sharks are attracted by music from the Aussie rock band AC/DC — particularly 'Shook Me All Night Long' and 'Back in Black' Tour operator Matt Waller in SA's Neptune Bay has observed that when sharks hear the AC/DC hits, they are drawn to the source of the music.

Using underwater speakers attached to diving cages, employees of Waller's Adventure Bay Charters pumped various Australian rock hits through the water. When the great whites heard the AC/DC songs, they swam up and rubbed their faces against the source of the music. The sharks may be drawn to the low frequencies found in AC/DC's music, and Matt wants to test out this theory. "Once we've got a range of songs, we can electronically identify a common characteristic between those songs," he says.

Waller's findings could help cage-diving operations become more environmentally sustainable by reducing the amount of berley used on tours. He said his Adventure Bay Charters was the only company in the world using music, not bait, to attract sharks. He said Led Zeppelin was next on his playlist for the sharks, although his children had suggested a more updated rock sound in the form of music by the White Stripes and Wolfmother.

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Source: Australian Geographic

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