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Green light given for unique surfer/bodyboarder eveint

Kalk Bay © Chris Bond



Kalk Bay Shootout

Kalk Bay Shootout
Kalk Bay, South Africa
7th of June - 31st of October, 2015

Kalk Bay Shootout gets the go-ahead as swell shows

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 September, 2015 - As projected, a straight south swell moves toward False Bay resulting in the Kalk Bay Shootout calling a green light for the much-anticipated event. What makes The Kalk Bay Shootout different, is that dual heats featuring both surfers and bodyboarders will be run, a first, as far as we know for South Africa, which will highlight the spirit of camaraderie that the Shootout is aiming for and prove that no matter what craft you ride, we’re all after the same thing – to surf!

"I don't know of another event in the world where surfers and bodyboarders can share such stoke together. In more than one of my heats last year I remember seeing the contestants in the dual heat format cheering each other on as they took off," said 2013 winner Rob Hope.

The waiting period started on the 27th of June and ends on the 31st of October. A storm can be tracked roughly two weeks before the time, and if a swell looks suitable, the event gets the amber light. This gives event participants enough time to prepare equipment and open up their schedules to compete. If the storm behaves as predicted, the green light will be given up to five days in advance. If conditions change drastically, however unlikely that is, we may return to amber alert and continue on the waiting period until the right swell approaches.

"So for me it’s all about the crew. Having won the first shootout and getting knocked relatively early the year before last, it really is just amazing to be part of this tight community that surfs the reef. Year by year we continue to break the boundaries between bodyboarders and surfers and more and more we are bridging that gap between the lighties and the ballies. 

I feel that if we can continue keeping the event core to the local crew it will set the tone in terms of respect amongst the locals - whether its someone like Jordy (Maree) who is 17 and has only been surfing here for about 4 or so years and someone like Jeff Ross who has spent his whole life out at Kalk Bay. For me this event means exactly that, win or lose,” stated 2012 Kalk Bay Shootout winner Josh Salie.

Officialy sponsors:  Monster Energy, Jeffreys Bay Craft Brewery, Blended, Dope Industries, Natural Lab, GUL Wetsuits, Lifestyle Surf Shop, Board Hub, Holdfast, Hurricane Surf Accessories, Hemporium Go Social and Ornate Signs. Keep an eye on the official Facebook page for the call on the morning.  

Kalk Bay Shootout, South Africa, Monster Energy
Brian Hope

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