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Greg Long drops in on EuroSIMA Surf Summit



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Greg shares his life's trials, tribulations with European Industry

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 July, 2014 - At 31, he is the only surfer to have won all three of the most prestigious Big Wave Competitions in the world, The Quiksilver “Eddie” at Waimea Bay, Hawaii, Mavericks at Half Moon Bay, California, and the Red Bull South Africa at Dungeons. 

He remains a perpetual XXL Global Big Wave Award nominee and repeat winner in multiple categories, including most recently 2013-14 “Ride of the Year.” His passion for exploration, discovery and progressive mastery of extreme surf spots, has taken him around the globe in search of the worlds largest surfable waves.  

In late 2012 this pursuit nearly cost him his life during a trip to “Cortes Bank,” the legendary underwater seamount more than 100 miles off the California coast.  Rescued following a brutal wipeout and multiple-wave hold down, the unconscious and nearly drown Long, recovered sufficiently to return to the big wave competition arena and winners podium just weeks later, going on to claim the Big Wave World Championship title for 2013.  

Unknown to all but his closest friends and family, Greg waged a continuing battle with both fear and doubt throughout 2013, leading him on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and a new-found sense of joy and exhilaration for life, which he now shares through an intimate and inspiring presentation to audiences around the globe.

Join Greg for an edge-of-your-seat tour of his world of gigantic waves, remote exploration, high seas adventure and more, woven into a true-life saga celebrating a remarkable journey through life.

October 2, 10.30 A.M.


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