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Webseries "Kelly Says" celebrates crap surf and adventure



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Vloggers Hannah and Dannie share global adventures and epic fails

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 October, 2016 - There's something funny about watching people wipeout. Hannah Bristow and Danny Maclennan aren't good surfers. But they are great vloggers. The duo travel around documenting their sessions, adventures and, of course, their wipeouts.

Hannah and Dannie will surf anything because, in the words of Kelly Slater "you have to surf all kinds of waves" to get good.

The name of their series is "Kelly Says" as in preface almost any words of wisdom with "Kelly Says" and you will have a modern, Western take on the teachings of Yoda and the laws of Murphy. 

Their adventures take them through Australia, Scotland, France and home around the U.K. Their edits are quick, entertaining and thoroughly silly. 

Why did you call it "Kelly Says"?

Hannah: It all started on a crap winters day in Newquay (Great Britain). We didn't want to surf the 2ft onshore mush so someone said "Kelly Slater says you have to surf all types of waves to improve." Thats where the whole "Kelly Says..." thing came from but in the beginning it was just in conversation between us, like on big days "Kelly're gonna die" or "Kelly Says...what the hell are you doing?!".

Dannie: It's funny because now we get loads of mail being like "Hi Kelly...," I quite like it! In fact I'm thinking about changing my name.

How many episodes do you have so far?

Hannah: We've just finished filming the 5th episode in Australia. Slightly more tropical than the UK. We've filmed in Scotland, France and Tenerife as well.

Dannie: I think we're planning to do one in Wales/Ireland next. People seem to enjoy watching us freeze our butts off!

What gave you the idea to start a travel blog/celebrity stalker blog?

Hannah: Basically we aren't really good at anything apart from stalking and travelling. We also thought that most female surf videos/blogs were a little serious or just about the way you look. Something we both absolutely cannot relate to, so we just try to be entertaining. Failing that we have some epic wipeout reels.

Dannie: It gives us an excuse to do stupid stuff too! It feels less weird chasing Kelly and trying to poke him when Hannah is filming it... although actually maybe it's more weird!


What are your backgrounds? Filmmaking? Modelling? Drug running?

Hannah: Dannie is Scottish so her background is pretty sketchy. I was going to become a doctor but decided I'd rather be a famous drummer or a surfer. I watched the movie Blue Crush so here we are. Our skill set doesn't really include surfing well, filming, editing or acting so we just wing it.

Dannie: No comment.

You're having quite the adventure. Tell us about that time you almost died? There must have been a few, eh?

Hannah: Dannie nearly got hit by car whilst staring and fan-girling over Steph Gilmore in France and Steph's dad saved her life. I got hit by a lorry whilst crossing a road in Barcelona....on crutches. I was fine but it must've been pretty funny to watch. I also knocked myself out with a 10ft board whilst surf 1ft waves on my own and fractured my face.

Luckily I'm not the size of a twig so I float pretty well and I didn't drown.

Dannie: Last year in New Zealand I got chased out of the surf by a wave hungry sea lion ­ I'm pretty sure he was trying to eat me! I was screaming and splashing and everyone on the beach was staring, basically I handled it really well. And I think every time we surf hungover results in a near death experience as well!

How would you explain this project to a small, inattentive child?

Hannah: This is going to show you how much fun you can have surfing, even in a UK winter. If you watch the whole thing then i'll buy you a bag of sweets.

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