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Has it really been that long? NZ Surf Mag hits 30


Magazine Updates

NZ SURF MAG 150th Issue- Collector’s Edition

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 March, 2013 : - - In 1985 the fledging surf industry and surfers of New Zealand cried out for a magazine of their own, one that would represent the voice of what was surfing in this country. Sure there were other surf magazines available at the time, yet nothing that surfers of our shores could call their own, to be proud of and take to bed, throw on the dashboard of the car or spend hours reading in the can.

150 issues on, close to 30 years of page turning pleasure and New Zealand Surfing Magazine is still going strong. We have been proud to have preserved history, high-lighted ground breaking moments of our sport on these shores, brought you the best of New Zealand surfing, found waves, dug up news, predicted rising stars and said farewell to old ones, like a mate you have been surfing with for ages NZSM has been there through it all.

Not many publications can claim to have sustained that period of longevity and while we acknowledge that much has changed since those early days, and with the modern advents of the internet, Instagram, facebook and tweets(which NZSM has embraced at every level) it is with great acclaim that we are proud to say the NZ Surf Mag is still growing in sales, and has an ever growing and loyal readership.

This is thanks to you, our readers and the surfers of these shores, you have made this magazine what it is, you spoke, and we listened and delivered over these 150 issues to be where we are today. Many thanks for your support.

In this 150th issue we feature:

A World Exclusive: Red Hot Chilli Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis opens up in a one on one interview with Cory Scott during his recent stay in Northland, on his new love in life, surfing!

The 76th Primo Roady: We visit the Far North's  Pridelands, walk, climb and scale the coast and find a few empty gems.

150 Issues- Then and Now: We celebrate the 150th issue of NZ Surf Mag with a then and now feature, much has changed.

Fruits of summer- Photospread: The days of epic summers finally returned, we pay tribute to a few summery surf moments that were the icing on the cake for kiwi surfers this season.

A Comp and a champ: Memorable performances from the 2013 Hyundai National Surf Champs held at Piha.

In2 the future: Our next generation of top surfers get put to the grill in a high performance coaching clinic, the results were instant.

Plus much more, you can find NZ Surf Mag at all good bookstores, surf shops and convenience stores near you, or subscribe by visiting

Source: Pacific Media

Author: Steve Dickinson

Tags, New Zealand Surfing Magazine, Kiwi, Mag

Magazine: Surfersvillage


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